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Is there an algorithm for color mixing that works like mixing real colors?
Category : Development Tools & Services

The common mixing of RGB colors is very different from mixing colors for paintings,
it's mixing of light instead mixing of pigments.

For example:

Blue (0,0,255) + Yellow (255,255,0) = Grey (128,128,128)

(It should be Blue + Yellow = Green)

Is there any known algorithm for color mixing that works like mixing real colors?


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DJ Mixing Techniques and Sound Mixing for Film and Video
Category : Arts & Entertainment
The DJ has evolved from the person who spins records on the radio or a party to a creative performer, producer and, in some cases, iconic figure. Events now feature DJs as the main draw, and DJ'ing has grown into an art form with varying degrees of skill and technique. Practicing these tricks of the trade will help build an aspiring DJ's reputation as well as his bank account. EQ MixingThis tec

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Is MP3 mixing possible?
Category : Software

For 2 mp3 streams, is it possible to mix two streams of same bitrate with different mixdown values without uncompressing and recompressing it?

For example, if we have two songs that are already encoded in mp3 192 kbit, and we want to create crossfade of length 5 seconds, we should mix last several frames from one song with same number of frames from the second song, with mix rates i

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How DJ Mixing Is Done
Category : Arts & Entertainment
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Mixing c# and vc++
Category : C & C++ & C#

I've got a code snippet of c# that I've been trying to translate into vc++, but I'm having some difficulties. So, I'm wondering if it is possible or advisable to mix c# and vc++; that is to say, can I call my c# function from vc++ and vice-versa. If so, are there tricks to it? If, not, why?

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Mixing TCP and UDP
Category : Network & Servers

I want to make a multiplayer game that runs on the Internet, not just low-latency, high throughput environments like LAN.

There are some networking aspects of my game where UDP clearly is better suited for, like transmitting information about the positions and velocities of various players. This data must be received as fast as possible, and resending dropped packets will not help b

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Mixing ASP.NET MVC into ASP.NET WebForms
Category : ASP & ASP.net

For some reason my routing is ignoring any attempt to access my MVC pages and simply giving me 404s. I have a WebForms app set up like the following:

Virtual Directory: thing

So I usually access my site like so:


The original stucture of my ASP.NET WebForms ap

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Mixing units in CSS
Category : Web Design

When doing responsive designs i often need to have a percentage margin horizontally, but vertically I usually don't want to have percentage, but rather fixed pixels.

Are there any reasons why I shouln'd be mixing units in my margins and paddings like this
margin: 10px 10%; ?

Browser performance? Cross browser rendering issues?

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problem mixing c and c++
Category : C & C++ & C#

hi everyone
i need to build a c++ project that exports functions to c project
this is my c++ class :

** MyCppClass.h **

class MyCppClass
static void MyCppMethod()

** MyCppClass.cpp **

void MyCppClass::MyCppMethod(){}

*now i need to create an interface for the Method MyCp

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Mixing C# & VB In The Same Project
Category : C & C++ & C#

Can you mix vb and c# files in the same project for a class library? Is there some setting that makes it possible? I tried and none of the intellisense works quite right, although the background compiler seems to handle it well enough (aside from the fact that I, then, had 2 classes in the same namespace with the same name and it didn't complain). We're trying to convert from VB to C# but ha

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