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How to change the mode of Editbox from read mode to edit mode in Xpage?
by Mario Tristan in Web Design

Actually, I have set true to the property- Read-Only in Xpage for a particular field.

And I have tried to change its mode to edit in client side javascript. But I am not able to change.
I used the following code...


and also


How can I set the default bash/zsh mode to vi command mode instead of vi insert mode?
by Brazen in Operating Systems

So in my bash/zsh terminals I have the set -o vi. But then I need to press ESC to get into command mode. I can't figure out how I could make that command mode the default behavior?

How to set page mode to single mode from double mode
by Leo in Mobile Programming

Can we change the spine location without changing orientations. Like for some views it is set to max and for some views it should be mid. Is it possible to active this functionality.

This is the code i am using, but don't know what to modify in it so that without changing orientation i can set spine location to max and set one page mode rather than two page mode. Actually is started

Buid a project in Release mode quickly without switching from Debug mode to Release mode
by luci5r in Programming Languages

In my work, I usually use Debug mode to run my projects and I also want to debug them as needed. Sometimes, I also want to deploy one project DLL to production. I must switch from Debug to Release mode on my solution and build it again. After completing, I re-switch from Release to Debug mode to come back my work.

I need the fastest way or have a option to build Release on my select

Portal Server hangs in debug mode (normal mode works fine)
by tl1000sv in Development Tools & Services

I cant seem to fix the following problem:

when I start the server (IBM Portal Server 7) in "normal" mode, the deployed application works fine.
but when the server is started in debug mode with the same application deployed the server hangs when I try to run the index.xhtml on the server and times out ("thread webcontainer has been active for xxxxx ms and may be hung....").


In visual studio 2005 build mode drop down, release mode not shown
by Mario Tristan in Programming Languages

Recently I got a project when after opening in visual studio 2005 in build mode drop down, only debug mode is shown but release mode not shown.Project builds successfully in debug mode is there a way to enable release mode.


Pressing tab for word completion in command line mode switches to search mode in Vim
by matt.s in Programming Languages

When loading a file, lets call it foobar.txt, like so:

:b foo<tab>

Where <tab> is me pressing the tab key, sometimes I am redirected from the command line (:) to the search prompt (/) but other times it works fine. I am having trouble recreating the exact situation, but I know that I have had thi

MPMoviePlayerController wont play movie on iPhone 3G when in release mode but will in debug mode
by Rida Al Barazi in Mobile Programming

OK, I've got a weird one here...
I have an issue with MPMoviePlayerController and playing a m4v movie on an old iphone 3g.

When I connect the device to my mac, and run it through Xcode with the build set to Device|Debug - the movie plays fine.

When I change the build to Device|Release, the MPMoviePlayerPlaybackDidFinishNotification is called immediately with an er

Java Swing app hangs when run in normal mode but runs fine in debug mode
by Kbotei in Programming Languages

I am writing a basic Java application with a Swing front-end. Basically it loads some data from a Derby database via Apache Cayenne and then displays it in a JTable. I'm doing my development in Eclipse and I don't think it's important but I'm using Maven for dependencies.

Now this works fine when I run using Debug but it seems to hang the display thread when I use the Run button. I'

Is there a way to hide the Primefaces fileUpload progress bar and buttons in advanced mode and auto mode?
by Dennis Caldwell in Programming Languages

Is there a way to hide the Primefaces fileUpload progress bar and buttons in advanced mode and auto mode?

Here is the code that I am using:

<p:fileUpload id="scriptUpload"


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