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How do I reconfigure VisualSVN server from Copy-Modify-Merge to Lock-Modify-Unlock?
by davidar in Development Tools & Services

We have just started using VisualSVN, TortoiseSVN and ankhSVN plug-in to handle our source control. Initially we were good with the Copy-Modify-Merge style, but we have now found a need to move to the Lock-Modify-Unlock method. But we already have like 15 projects in our repository that follow Copy-Modify-Merge.

What do I need to do to configure our repository to require locks for

Modify a record in Erlang by programmatically specifying the field to modify
by maniacalpha1-1 in Programming Languages

Is there any relatively simple way to (copy and) modify a record in Erlang when the modification is to a field that we specify programmatically?

For example:

-record(my_record, {foo = 0, bar = 0}).
modify_record(Record, Field, Value) ->
Record#my_record{Field = Value}.

So that one could do something like modify_record(#my_reco

Open ldap modify - /usr/bin/modify problem
by eferro in Web Design

Can anyone help me out on this? I'am trying to add another attribute on my LDAP, but i don't know much about this. It returns an error after trying the sample i searched on net. This command will be used on my perl program to add new attribute "status" w/ value "yes"..

Help pls?

/usr/bin/ldapmodify -x -D "cn=Test,ou=mygroup.com,o=group2.com" -a "status=yes"??

Google Group Settings Permission - “Modify Members” and “Modify Roles”
by msg in Development Tools & Services

While creation Google Groups with Control Panel, the value for "Modify Members" and "Modify Roles" always set to "Owners of the group" not "Owners and Managers" by default. I would like to change their value to "Owners and Managers".

Could you please let me know how to change their value through Group Settings API? I checked on the API Reference Documentation but I couldn't find the

How to Modify a DS
by jeffrey in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Modifying a gaming console refers to altering how the system works so that a user can more freely use its applications. In some systems, this can include methods as intensive as installing mod chips or "hot-swapping." But on the Nintendo DS handheld, modifications are simple. The most popular method is to use a SLOT-1 card. The R4 card reader is the most popular of these. Most SLOT-1's operate sim
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How to Modify a Sub Box
by NAM TRON in Cars
The addition of a port, or an "opening," to a sub woofer box will increase its volume level due to the resulting increase in the movement of air. The air movement raises the level of volume because it optimizes the frequency of the sub box in a certain range. This modification also contributes to a deeper bass sound. Though this process does not come without effort, you can complete this project w
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How to Modify Your PS3 Fan
by Fezlakk in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Earlier models of the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) often became taxed because of too much heat not being removed from the motherboard during sustained use. This caused the PS3 to shut down, and -- in some extreme cases -- it caused the PS3's motherboard to overheat and break. An easy fix for this problem is attaching a fan modification to the PS3 that sucks out any extra heat.Difficulty:EasyInstructio
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How to modify a gem?
by brtyler in Programming Languages

I have a gem to which I'd like to do few changes.

I have it defined in my Gemfile as follows:

gem 'mongo_mapper", :git => "git://github.com/jnunemaker/mongomapper", :branch => "rails3"

I was not able to find it in /usr/local/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems.

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How Do I Modify an LLC?
by Gilmar Souza Jr. in Business
A Limited Liability Company is formed under state statute, with regulations governing LLCs varying from state to state. They exist primarily to allow taxes to pass through to the owners, called members, but still provide the members some protection against a company's debts and actions. There may be situations, however, where the members wish to modify the tax status of an LLC under U.S. federal l
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How to Modify My F-350 V10
by Brent Robinett in Cars
Ford's F-350 pickup truck outfitted with the gasoline V10 engine is one of the most versatile and powerful pickup trucks on the road. Already capable of towing incredible loads, there are few modifications necessary to make the F-350 capable of hauling more, but there are loads of modifications that can improve the appearance of the F-350, as well as make its V10 engine more powerful. Of particula
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