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Monitor files similar to System Internal's/Microsoft's FileMon/Process Monitor
by kema in Programming Languages

I need to generate an event when a file is closed by another app.

Unfortunately, ReadDirectoryChangesW doesn't report the close event. It would be possible for me to poll (with a TTimer) any file that reported by ReadDirectoryChangesW as modified, waiting for it to be closed (using CreateFile to detect this).

However, what I'd prefer is a completely event driven solution

How to Change the Monitor Setting from Horizontal to Vertical on a Gateway 26-Inch Monitor
by Kevin in Computers
The landscape widescreen format most LCD monitors use is useful for multimedia and games, but it is not always the most efficient way to view content. Many monitors allow you to swivel the display from landscape to portrait view. This makes reading long documents and web pages more convenient, so portrait view may be worth trying if you use your computer frequently for work. Switch your user-adjus

Erroneous behavior when using Interlocked.Decrement along with monitor.wait and monitor.pulse in a multithreaded environment
by maximumbob in Programming Languages

I am trying to implement a multithreaded library that would run simultaneous tasks using threadpool. Basically it will add tasks to threadpool from the collection parameter it receive and then will wait until last task that is being processed sends a pulse signal. I had success in my earlier tests but I encountered a weird issue when I wanted to test with tasks that are really short to process.

Opening a windows application on different monitor size not displayed as in my monitor?
by dummyadresse in Programming Languages

i have created 1 windows application.
but when i am opening this application in big monitor then button hide the level that means button's overlap label.

How to Easily Monitor Your Personal Budget Using a New Way to Monitor Your Checking Account
by Imaginer in Personal Finance
Personal budgets often sound good on paper, but are hard to execute and maintain. If you've tried and failed to create a budget for you or your family, the problem might be that you simply don't have the tools you need to properly monitor your finances. Fortunately, today's age of online information has produced some helpful ways to stay on top of your money.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions

How to Switch the Active Workspace Using Monitor Controls on a Dell Monitor
by Jeeebus in Computers
Windows 7 allows you to extend your workspace onto another monitor or toggle between active displays. You can hook up one or more external displays to your Dell computer and set up dual monitors in Windows 7. After configuring your system, you can then use Dell's monitor controls to switch between active displays.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Hold down the keys "Windows" and "D." Right

How to Use an External Monitor for a Broken Inspiron 1501 Laptop Monitor
by Dandor in Computers
Many people believe they can no longer use their laptops if the main display breaks, but a broken LCD doesn't render the entire system useless. You can connect an external monitor to your Dell Inspiron 1501 or other laptop and use the system as you would a desktop computer. This is a cost-effective alternative to repairing the screen or buying a new notebook. Even if your display is working, learn

Detecting the monitor resultion with javascript on a secondary monitor
by Steve M in Javascript

I want to detect the monitor resolution with javascript. This works fine with screen.height and screen.width on the primary monitor. On a secondary monitor (extended desktop) this doesn't work! When I move the browser to the secondary monitor and call my javascript function with the resolution detection, screen.height and screen.width have still the resolution values of the primary monitor.

Intel Performance Monitor — any way to monitor per-process?
by Mai72 in Programming Languages

How would I go about monitoring a particular process's execution (namely, its branches, from the Branch Trace Store) using the Intel Performance Counter monitor, while filtering out other process's information?

Monitor.TryEnter always returns true even just after Monitor.Enter
by Jimmy G. in Programming Languages

I think I am missing something about correct behaviour of Monitor.Enter and Monitor.TryEnter. Here is a piece of code I wrote to separate the issue from the rest of the code:

object lockObj = new object();
bool result = Monitor.TryEnter(lockObj);

Result is always true. No surprises here.<

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