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Host ServiceStack, MVC3 or MVC4 on mono or windows and what is the state of mono
by pankaj in Programming Languages

I am trying to decide what stack to use for a new web based backoffice system. We develop in C# and are going to use ServiceStack and/or ASP.NET MVC. Our customer prefers hosting on a Linux server, so this rules out MVC4 as this is not supported by Mono.

Additionally we are worried about the state of the mono-fastcgi-server needed to run ASP.NET on Mono because of posts like this ht

Is it Possible to use Mono AOT Compiled (Native)c# Executable and C# Dll(CIL) which has unimplemented Mono Methods
by Barak in C & C++ & C#

I have a main C# executable that can be compiled using Mono c# compiler, but the exe uses dll's which uses P/Invoke and other mono unsupported methods so I cannot compile this dll to Mono. Is there any way use these Dll's with Ahead of Time Compiled Mono Executable?

Does fastcgi-mono-serverX work with mono 3.0 & nginx 1.2.4
by Star Gryphon in Programming Languages

I have been trying for some days to get mono 3.0 & nginx 1.2.4 and fastcgi-mono-serverX in the XSP 2.10 package going on Centos 6.3 ...the XSP4 server works but I can't get the fastcgi method working.

I built and tested mono 3.0 from source, it works fine.

I followed the config at http://www.mono-project.com/FastCGI_Nginx to no avail and many other settings from th

How can I tell if my application has been bundled with Mono instead of executed with Mono?
by drnickriviera in Programming Languages

How do I check whether my application has been started with mono (mono MyProgram.exe) or if it has been bundled with the mono runtime embedded using mkbundle or similar?

Do all dependencies used in a mono project need to be compiled with mono
by kharakawa in Programming Languages

Let say I started a C# project under Windows (Visual Studio 2008) and I want to switch to Mono. Do I have to recompile all the dependencies my project uses, e.g., NHibernate and every single external dependency that comes along ?

Note 1: The reason I asked this question is that I built a project with MonoDevelop on Ubuntu 9.10 and everything went like a charm but when I tried to deb

Mono: WCF Service Timeout with basichttpBinding (Mono
by Fremont in Programming Languages

I'm having WCF Client with basicHTTPBinding. That is working fine when running in Windows. but when running from Mono (Debian, Mono JIT compiler version I immmediately get a timeout.

Unhandled Exception: System.TimeoutException: The operation has timed-out.
at System.ServiceModel.Channels.HttpRequestChannel+HttpChannelRequestAsyncResult.WaitEnd () [0x0

Mono Runtime need to be bundled with Mono Winform app for Mac
by cyclohexane in Development Tools & Services

I am new to development on Mac.

I migrated one Windows Form App that I have created using C# on Windows platform. I am able to run this app on Mac inside MonoDevelop and run inside IDE without problem.

Now, I like to create setup that will include Mono Runtime with my application so my application can continue to run if user has mono runtime installed or not.

How to create Package in mono 2.8 its need 'mono.exe'
by venom361 in Programming Languages

I am using "Mono Tools for Visual Studio - 2.8". When I am creating Package of mono it requires 'mono.exe' but it does not exist on my system. How can I get mono.exe OR there is any other way to make Package for the Linux.

I want to run my windows application on Linux and Mac.

mono sqlite w/o mono on windows?
by mg. in Operating Systems

Once upon a time i asked if there was a way to use a sqlite db on windows/linux w/o two binaries. Someone suggested using mono and i asked if .NET on windows requires a mono install and was told no.

I grabbed this reference file from my linux vm


Then i wrote these two lines in my

Mono Project: Why is mono faster than .NET?
by Funkwarrior in Programming Languages

I am surprised to observe that mono is faster than .NET. Does anyone know why is it so? I was expecting mono to be slower than .NET but wasnt the case atleast with my experiments.

I have a windows xp laptop with .NET framework. I am running CentOS on vmware vmplayer on top of windows xp. I wanted to try mono. So grabbed the Mono 2.6.1 sources and installed it on CentOS in vmplayer.

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