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Do I always get move semantics every time I copy a non const object that implements a move assignment?
by acacio in Programming Languages

For example:

std::vector<std::pair<std::string, bool > > v;
std::pair<std::string, bool> pr;
v.push_back( pr );

Assuming std::pair has defined a move assignment operator. Will the call to v.push_back automatically use the
move assignment or I need to specifically ask for it like so?

v.push_back( st

Is there a way to make Nautilus move files under version control using the VCS's move command?
by Maine in Operating Systems

For example, say I moved a file from /project/file.cs to /project/subdir/file.cs. It would be nice if nautilus automatically converted this to bzr mv /project/file.cs /project/subdir/file.cs. Is it possible to set this up?

It would also be nice if I was warned when doing a plain old mv on version controlled files, but I suppose tha

Function to move file, and if exists, rename and move, inside foreach
by Disco_TechnoStu in Programming Languages

I need to move multiple files from one folder to another, but if it exists in the destination folder, you need to rename (calling the function again), and move.

video1.flv, video2.flv, video3.flv, video4.flv, video5.flv

By moving the files will be renamed to 1.flv, 2.flv, 3.flv

If the file already exists 4.flv, video4.flv to move the file should be renamed to

dc.LineTo not drawing on OnPaint() unless I move the use the mouse and move the window out of view?
by Phil Austin in Programming Languages

Unless I make "static CPaintDC dc(this);" the line won't draw? But this is not good as it will eventually error, also the graphics wont' keep on the screen.

Not sure what I am doing wrong

Note: I have a Timer that calls to this every 100ms(x and y are incremented)

void CGraphicsDlg::OnPaint()
CString s;
CPaintDC dc(th

How to move whole layout move up when soft keyboard open in android
by licensing in Android

I want to move my layout which has several views in it so when user touch edit text
then keyboard open and my layout widget goes up.
I have even use code in manifest android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan"
then android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan|adjustResize"
Nothing work so please help me
Here is my xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-

Do I really have to nullify all the members in move constructor/move asigment or just pointers?
by Ernie in Programming Languages

I'm having really hard time to learn nullifying the "other" object, I've just read the whole big article about move semantics here and I'm disappointed because it does not cover nullifying.

Please explain me do we really need to nullify all the members of "other" or just pointers that are pointing to dynamically allocated memory?

Why would we care about nullifying the me

On implementing std::swap in terms of move assignment and move constructor
by Janne Lammi in Programming Languages

Here is a possible definition of std::swap:

template<class T>
void swap(T& a, T& b) {
T tmp(std::move(a));
a = std::move(b);
b = std::move(tmp);

I believe that

std::swap(v,v) is guaranteed to have no effects and
std::swap can be implemented as above.


How do I move a bunch of files using a Move MSBuild task and a wildcard?
by Lafe in Programming Languages

I have a folder with files that have names starting with App_Web_ and ending with .dll. I don't know what's in between those parts and I don't know the number of files. I need MSBuild to move those files into another folder.

So I composed this:

DestinationFolder="c: arget"

How to Do a Partial DITY Move (Personally Procured Move) in the Military With a POV
by DrMrLordX in Careers & Job Searching
When executing military permanent change of station orders, the easiest way to transport your household goods (HHG) is to have the government pay for packers to box up all of your belongings and move them to your next duty station. You are likely, however, to drive at least one family vehicle with a number of items that you will need before the movers arrive at your new home. You may want to execu

can you move view/move components as a tree structure?
by LadyCoconut in Programming Languages

Quite often, I'm modifying the VF pages where I'm moving page block section items from one area of the page to another. Is there a way to view a VF page as a tree, and move the nodes around by pointing and clicking? I'm not sure what the options are for something like this but basically, anything more user-friendly than cut and copying code would suffice.

I should add, I'm new to

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