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How to Replace Msvcrt.Dll
by HidingInABunker in Computers
Msvcrt.dll is a Windows Dynamic Link Library file that the Microsoft C Runtime Library uses to perform many of its common library functions. If the file goes missing or becomes corrupted, you may start seeing error messages referring to this file. In such cases, simply downloading and replacing the file with a working version is usually the fastest and easiest way to restore your computer to full
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How to Delete the Msvcrt DLL
by Ubermateo in Computers
A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is a special type of file used by the Windows operating system. DLLs contain data or code which can be used by several different programs at the same time. This allows your computer to run more efficiently. The msvcrt.dll file is created by Microsoft and helps run various Windows functions, including printf, memcpy, and cos. Note that deleting the msvcrt.dll file may p
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How to Fix Msvcrt.dll Errors
by Kocur in Computers
Msvcrt.dll is a Windows system file used in conjunction with Microsoft Visual C++. Microsoft has bundled the file with all operating systems manufactured since Windows 2000. Users with earlier Windows operating systems had to install the file with programs that required it. Some programs included an outdated version of the file or installed a damaged version. Accordingly, the older Windows operati
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Msvcrt.Dll Problem
by LeeFlannery in Computers
Msvcrt.dll is a file that many programs require to function properly. However, if the file is unable to load, missing or damaged, Msvcrt.dll error messages appear on the screen. The error messages usually pop up if the Msvcrt.dll was accidentally deleted, or if malware secretly install and prevent it from running properly. If you're experiencing technical difficulty with programs and system compon
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How to Extract Msvcrt.dll
by ChaseVoid in Computers
Msvcrt.dll is a dynamic link library file. This means it holds pertinent information for multiple programs. At it's currently formed (as a .dll file), there is no need to extract it because it has not been compressed. However, msvcrt.dll can easily be removed from the computer, which typically happens when a program that uses the file is removed and the file is deleted with it. In order to reinsta
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After Effects MSVCRT Errors
by arbeitandy in Computers
When using Adobe After Effects, users may get a pop-up error that includes "MSVCRT.DLL" and then the software abruptly shuts down. Not only does this effect any unsaved work, but it could become a permanent error that causes After Effects to crash frequently. IdentificationWhen the error appears in Adobe After Effects, the "MSVCRT" part of it may be hard to spot. Look towards the end of the err

Different versions of msvcrt in ctypes
by Alec in Programming Languages

In Windows, the ctypes.cdll.msvcrt object automatically exists when I import the ctypes module, and it represents the msvcrt Microsoft C++ runtime library according to the docs.

However, I notice that there is also a find_msvcrt function which will "return the filename of the VC runtype library used by Python".

It further states,

How To Repair Msvcrt.dll on Windows XP
by Tridnewly in Computers
Msvcrt.dll provides a collection of library functions to programs using Microsoft Visual C++, or MSVC. If msvcrt.dll is corrupted or infected with a virus, error messages related to the _resetstkoflw function will appear. In that case, programs that use msvcrt.dll will not run properly, and your system may become unstable.<br /><br />To repair errors related to msvcrt.dll, you can over

Jython, subprocess and msvcrt… is it possible?
by Paul in Programming Languages

i'm trying to build a wrapper around a Python module, to embed it in my java code.

looks like this module use many tricks like subprocess, threading and so on

(actually it is itself a module that control a C utility provided AS-IS and only as a binary, i am trying to avoid the overcost to recode the inner logic and others tools that this python wrapper already provided)<

Detect if a .lib was built against debug MSVCRT
by coding-style in Programming Languages

The subject says it - is there a reliable way to detect if a .lib static library (and a dynamic library also, if possible) was built against the debug version of MSVCRT? E.g. is there any import symbol that can be used to detect that?
Basically I have an app that uses tons of dependency static libs, and at least one of them needs the debug msvcrt, because the resulting executable needs bo


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