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Multimedia control with a multimedia keyboard in C#
by Ernie in C & C++ & C#

I have keyboards, as well as the keyboard built into my laptop, which have multimedia keys. One of the multimedia keys is of course pause/play and it's a function of the keyboard driver that can be assigned to other keys. When it's pushed, it will pause/play iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. depending on what my "last active" media application is.

My question is, in C# how can I du

The Best Way to Set Up a Multimedia PC
by brennen in Computers
These days computers are much more than productivity tools. Modern computers are designed to be full-featured entertainment devices, capable of playing DVDs, ripping MP3 files to CD and even recording your favorite television programs. If you are in the market for a new computer or getting ready to upgrade your old one, it is a good idea to think about the multimedia capabilities you want to build
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How do I become a multimedia programmer?
by Schmidt in Programming Languages

Recently I'm interesting in multimedia programming but all I know about multimedia is simple and basic concepts related to codecs and container formats. So can you tell me from where to begin and is there some good books which explain multimedia concepts from software programming standpoint. In fact, I'm looking for the prerequisite knowledges and key concepts of multimedia programming which

Qt5, Phonon and Multimedia kit
by robvp in Operating Systems

I´m quite new to Qt development and I´m using Qt5 Beta1 on MacOSX.

For the last two days I´ve been reading the docs and looking for information about the different possibilities that I have in order to implement a widget that displays the frame of a video which corresponds to a concrete moment in time. A good old preview, in short.
First I thought that, since I did not need

Multimedia and Animation
by Caleb Ames in Web Design

I need to prepare a blue print. It should be a video. A small sample of Traffic Signal working.

If the lights are green, The vehicles should pass else it should wait for the timer.

Which is the best way of doing this.
Can i do this in Flash ?
Else is there any easy way to do this ?
Can anyone guide me ?

Which Is the Best Multimedia Projector: LCD or DLP?
by ElFenix in Electronics
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Eight Multimedia Rules
by bhupesh in Internet
For an effective use of multimedia, the multimedia project has to present the material better than a legacy form. Your viewers must get a clear idea of the subject matter, and see, hear and understand what you are presenting with the multimedia aspects of the project. Ideally, you have a narrative that you present with multimedia support and a particular audience in mind. Eight rules for multimedi

How to Use a Multimedia Keyboard
by Nick in Computers
A multimedia keyboard is like a normal computer keyboard, only it has added functionality to allow for the control of media or other elements through dedicated keyboard keys. For example, a multimedia keyboard will typically have "play," "pause," "fast forward/rewind" and "stop" keys designed to work with music and video. Unfortunately, there's no universal guide that applies to all multimedia key

Multimedia PC Components
by ShintaiDK in Computers
A multimedia PC is made of the same basic components as any other PC. However, a good multimedia PC uses better parts than most entry-level, budget computers. Components important for playing movies, music and games on a PC include the processor, memory, optical drive and hard drive. The specifications of any of these parts should go much higher than the bare minimums for Windows. Some basic compu

How to Use a Multimedia MP3 Player
by NTMBK in Electronics
A multimedia MP3 player possess the ability to play both audio and video content. Although there are many different multimedia players available on the market, all function in essentially the same way. The main difference is the overall look and storage space of the MP3 player, with internal memory ranging from a few gigabytes to well over 30.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll

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