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Ideal way of sending multiple files to multiple FTP accounts using multiple threads via windows service?
Category : Programming Languages

Windows service needs to send multiple files to multiple FTP folders based on the client id .I have the basic operation working where the timer calls PerformTimerOperation every 5 minutes.


<name>client 1</name>
<ftp>FTP URL1</ftp>

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Platform to manage multiple websites on multiple domains with multiple layouts
Category : Programming Languages

Is there an existing PHP/MySQL CMS that would be appropriate to manage multiple websites with one backend? The sites will most likely exist on multiple servers and will have different domains. I took a look at wordpress MU, however it doesn't appear to have features for sites on different domains or servers. A CMS that also has an API for publishing would be ideal, as we need to keep track of w

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Display multiple rows of data in multiple tables or multiple frames.
Category : Programming Languages

I want, data from select query should display in multiple tables or frames rather than in multiple rows.
It means whatever data comes from select query, it should display each customer (lets say) data in a particular table or frame.
How can i do this ?

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Generating a graph with multiple (sets of multiple sets of multiple) X-axis data sets
Category : Programming Languages

I am looking for a way to generate a graph with multiple sets of data on the X-axis, each of which is divided into multiple sets of multiple sets. I basically want to take this graph and place similar graphs side by side with it. I am trying to graph the build a graph of the duration (Y-axis) of the same jobs (0-3) with different configurations (0-1) on multiple servers (each group with the s

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getTransferData() in Transferhandler not working as expected for multiple dropping multiple objects in jtree
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to drag multiple rows (discontinuous ) from a jtable to a jtree. I am using a customized transferable object and a customized transferhandler.

However, I lose my objects within the import data method, as it gets lost inside the java method getTransferData(DataFlavor df) within class DropTargetContext.java.

The code is as follows:

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Codeigniter Active Record / SQL Query of Multiple Words vs. Multiple Database Fields
Category : Databases

I need to query my database so that if a user enters a search term with several words, it will find match the words vs. different database fields to return relevant searches to the user.

For example if a user searches 'plumbing london' there might be a business called 'Super Plumbing' in the business_name field and in the business_city field their location is 'Lond

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In Linq to SQL is it better return multiple results sets at once or call the DB using multiple stored procedures?
Category : Databases

I am creating a very data intensive, high volume web site. Every aspect of the website is driven by interactions with the MSSQL DB that I am using. On one page there are 10-12 different resultsets that I need to utilize in my page. So I need to know the best practice when it comes to using Linq-to-SQL and multiple results sets with a web application.

Should I have it return multi

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Optimal selection for ordering multiple items (parts) from multiple suppliers (vendors)
Category : Databases

The task here is to define the optimal (as detailed below) way of ordering items (parts) from suppliers.

The relevant parts of the table schema (with some sample data) are


1 Item0001
2 Item0002
3 Item0003


1 Supplier0001 0 0
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Backbone router creates multiple views which causes multiple events to bind to the same view
Category : Web Design

I'm new to backbone.js and trying to understand how routes, views etc works and now I have a problem with events building up for the same view. here is a clip that will show you exactly what I mean. http://screencast.com/t/QIGNpeT2OUWu

This is how my backbone router looks like

var Router = Backbone.Router.extend({
routes: {
"pages": "pages",

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How to use multiple triggers for multiple calls using “jquery-mentions-input”
Category : Web Design

I am using this brilliant plugin http://podio.github.com/jquery-mentions-input/ for my textarea. I am using the default "@" trigger to pull from a list of members, but is there any way to i can use a "#" trigger on the same form to pull from a list of tags?

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