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Ideal way of sending multiple files to multiple FTP accounts using multiple threads via windows service?
by xguru in Programming Languages

Windows service needs to send multiple files to multiple FTP folders based on the client id .I have the basic operation working where the timer calls PerformTimerOperation every 5 minutes.


<name>client 1</name>
<ftp>FTP URL1</ftp>

Display multiple rows of data in multiple tables or multiple frames.
by tanknique in Programming Languages

I want, data from select query should display in multiple tables or frames rather than in multiple rows.
It means whatever data comes from select query, it should display each customer (lets say) data in a particular table or frame.
How can i do this ?

Platform to manage multiple websites on multiple domains with multiple layouts
by dcutting in Programming Languages

Is there an existing PHP/MySQL CMS that would be appropriate to manage multiple websites with one backend? The sites will most likely exist on multiple servers and will have different domains. I took a look at wordpress MU, however it doesn't appear to have features for sites on different domains or servers. A CMS that also has an API for publishing would be ideal, as we need to keep track of w

Generating a graph with multiple (sets of multiple sets of multiple) X-axis data sets
by Aaviel in Programming Languages

I am looking for a way to generate a graph with multiple sets of data on the X-axis, each of which is divided into multiple sets of multiple sets. I basically want to take this graph and place similar graphs side by side with it. I am trying to graph the build a graph of the duration (Y-axis) of the same jobs (0-3) with different configurations (0-1) on multiple servers (each group with the s

How do i deploy from a single github repo with multiple branches to multiple AppHarbor instances
by Denmark in Programming Languages

I have a private repository on GitHub that contains an ASP.Net MVC project and am able to deploy this via a Service hook to my AppHarbor instance.

My repository contains three branches, Develop, Test and Release.

How do i configure separate instances to each receive a different branch of my repository?

I have found the setting in AppHarbor to specify which br

Building an installer that can install the same package multiple times (to different folders) with multiple configurations
by The Merg in Programming Languages

We have a bit of an odd setup, which comes from the fact we provide hosted installations of our software to our clients, and each client may be on a different version of our software and be running with a seperate database.

We also allow clients (under a different licensing scheme) to install our software locally at their premises on their own machines.

This makes build

Codeigniter Active Record / SQL Query of Multiple Words vs. Multiple Database Fields
by Valentine in Databases

I need to query my database so that if a user enters a search term with several words, it will find match the words vs. different database fields to return relevant searches to the user.

For example if a user searches 'plumbing london' there might be a business called 'Super Plumbing' in the business_name field and in the business_city field their location is 'Lond

How do I insert the results from multiple dropdown menus, which have multiple answers from a form into MySQL?
by BHZ-GTR in Programming Languages

I am creating a massive, relational database in MySQL and using PHP to process a form. The MySQL table has the following fields:


For every Server Name, there can be multiple Location Contacts, app_contact_O's

multiple selector ajax request showing error and how to get the selected value from multiple select box?
by Ionith in Programming Languages

The following is my code.My work is, based on city, location change.So once I select city one Ajax request will send and location will reset.This location is multiple select box so I can select multiple location.based on this I want to show the branches.Here my problem is when I am changing the city multiple drop down is coming.and when I am printing
alert($('#cboLocation option:selected'

If the same item is purchased multiple times in the same order, treat as multiple individual items
by Alan Xu in Programming Languages

I am pulling out order details in Magento (4.1.1) with the below code, which works fine. But, where a product has been ordered twice, I need to have a repeated row, SO If the same item is purchased multiple times in the same order, they need to be treated as multiple individual items - presently Magento returns one single product line, with a Quantity value for multiple purchases of the same it


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