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Ideal way of sending multiple files to multiple FTP accounts using multiple threads via windows service?
by xguru in Programming Languages

Windows service needs to send multiple files to multiple FTP folders based on the client id .I have the basic operation working where the timer calls PerformTimerOperation every 5 minutes.


<name>client 1</name>
<ftp>FTP URL1</ftp>

Display multiple rows of data in multiple tables or multiple frames.
by tanknique in Programming Languages

I want, data from select query should display in multiple tables or frames rather than in multiple rows.
It means whatever data comes from select query, it should display each customer (lets say) data in a particular table or frame.
How can i do this ?

Platform to manage multiple websites on multiple domains with multiple layouts
by dcutting in Programming Languages

Is there an existing PHP/MySQL CMS that would be appropriate to manage multiple websites with one backend? The sites will most likely exist on multiple servers and will have different domains. I took a look at wordpress MU, however it doesn't appear to have features for sites on different domains or servers. A CMS that also has an API for publishing would be ideal, as we need to keep track of w

Generating a graph with multiple (sets of multiple sets of multiple) X-axis data sets
by Aaviel in Programming Languages

I am looking for a way to generate a graph with multiple sets of data on the X-axis, each of which is divided into multiple sets of multiple sets. I basically want to take this graph and place similar graphs side by side with it. I am trying to graph the build a graph of the duration (Y-axis) of the same jobs (0-3) with different configurations (0-1) on multiple servers (each group with the s

How to take and handle object from multiple threads in Java? How to create Multiple instances of Future
by golazo in Java

I need to create bunch of JMX connections to different hosts. I'm trying to create these connections in parallel. In this performance is much better now.

I've method to which I'm passing Collection of "host and port" entries. For each entry one connection will be created.

Now I'm submitting this task of creating connections to Multiple threads. But I don't know how to ta

Nodejs importing multiple classes with modules.export from multiple source files
by droom in Development Tools & Services

I have a directory with multiple js source files that is imported on client side webpage. I am also needing to import all of those sources files into server side node js app.

I have used the following approach so far

if( 'undefined' != typeof global ) {
module.exports = global.Class= Class;

The code is appended to the end of the so

getTransferData() in Transferhandler not working as expected for multiple dropping multiple objects in jtree
by tanminivan in Programming Languages

I am trying to drag multiple rows (discontinuous ) from a jtable to a jtree. I am using a customized transferable object and a customized transferhandler.

However, I lose my objects within the import data method, as it gets lost inside the java method getTransferData(DataFlavor df) within class DropTargetContext.java.

The code is as follows:

How to handle multiple ResultSets, each with multiple Rows? IDataReader.NextResult() ending Read()
by swassbac in Programming Languages

How to handle multiple ResultSets, each with multiple Rows?
The call to NextResult() breaks the while loop.

Some of my SPs return multiple ResultSets. I'm handling these with NextResult() but when I do and my SP only has a single ResultSet, I see the while loop with Read() finishes leaving me with only the first Row.

Without the call to NextResult() I get all the ro

How do i deploy from a single github repo with multiple branches to multiple AppHarbor instances
by Denmark in Programming Languages

I have a private repository on GitHub that contains an ASP.Net MVC project and am able to deploy this via a Service hook to my AppHarbor instance.

My repository contains three branches, Develop, Test and Release.

How do i configure separate instances to each receive a different branch of my repository?

I have found the setting in AppHarbor to specify which br

How to make a Google mashup, allowing multiple users to pinpoint multiple locations on a map?
by HidingInABunker in Web Design

I need some inputs on how to show a map (public to all) and allow any user (whose email I should be able to track) to click several points on the map and make appropriate markers (it should just be visible as a point, nothing special). Other users SHOULD see those points as well. I should be able to access data on the backend as to who selected what point.

Any code pointers?

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