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Mixing strongly named assemblies and not strongly named assemblies in a solution
Category : Programming Languages

I have a problem I hope someone can help me with.

I have a winforms vb.net 3.5 solution which has some of the assemblies that need to be used in a class library vb.net 3.5 solution for a SSIS package as well. In order to use them in a SSIS package they need to be strongly named so they can be installed in the gac.

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Can't add a file named “VERSION” to CVS at the same level of a dir named “version”
Category : Programming Languages

I'm reporting a series of commits from git to cvs with cvsexportcommit. I've found that it's impossible to add the VERSION file in the following context

| |
| \_version.txt (to be removed)
\_VERSION (to be added)

The output I get is the following:

Applying to CVS commit f6ce403e6e1d57b61661527969ac97c52bcbe41f from parent 076d1fb

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Python PIL Image Module ImportError: No module named PIL, No module named Image
Category : Network & Servers

I've installed Python 2.7 alongside Python 2.4 as instructed here. When running a tests through Mac OSX Terminal connecting to the Server to confirm that the install is working I execute this test:

import Image
img = Image.open("/directory/image.jpg")
print img


<PixelAccess object at 0x2b97d4c25110>

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Named user plus, what is this?
Category : Databases

I was looking at oracle liecense, it looks cheap for named user plus. I mean if I develop a web application in which user has no interaction with database other than registering and logging in and if I make a virtual user inside server to do all these things that is get user name and password from users ect. keep them in queue and execute database commands one by one. Will I need more than one

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Named Pipes IPC
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to create a pipe to use between two processes to send information. The two process are not related and implementation with signals has a problem where if the process that recieves the signal is doing a sys command it intreprets the signal as an intrupt.
I am new to perl so any help trying to have two processes use pipes would be really great!!

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Named pipes in c
Category : Operating Systems

I am trying to use named pipes in C and am running into some difficulty. In terms of anonymous pipes, I just create the pipe with the r/w descriptors and then close the opposite end every time I want to do a read or write. This is easy to do since I can just open() and close() the other end every time.

With named pipes, I am a bit confused, I found the instruction mkfifo()

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Named pipes in c++ and php
Category : C & C++ & C#

i am creating a pipe in c++ and when i try to write to that pipe using php code it gives me access denied error when i try to get a handle to that pipe.
Basically the php code calls another c++ exe which writes to the pipe but it fails.I think its die to some security or access rights that the user does not have (php user).
Any ideas??

Code c++


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TAGS : Named pipes

Named searches in Vim?
Category : Programming Languages

Is there a way to save a search pattern to a register and then conjure it up with some quick command?

I'm thinking of the way vim uses named registers with q and @, and named marks with m and '.

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TAGS : Named searches

named scoped NOT IN, how to?
Category : Programming Languages

how can I write a NOT IN in named scope syntax? For example, User :has_many Photos, how can I define:


and returns all users who are not in the Photo model? thanks!

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named parameters with same name
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using the 'caret' library to to do some cross validation on some trees.

The library provides a function called train, that takes in a named argument "method". Via its ellipsis it's supposed to let other arguments fall through to another function that it calls. This other function (rpart) takes an argument of the same name, "method".


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