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Merge multiple data frames - Error in match.names(clabs, names(xi)) : names do not match previous names
by Ingoschi in Programming Languages

I'm getting some really bizarre stuff while trying to merge multiple data frames. Help!

I need to merge a bunch of data frames by the columns 'RID' and 'VISCODE'. Here is an example of what it looks like:

d1 = data.frame(ID = sample(9, 1:100), RID = c(2, 5, 7, 9, 12),
VISCODE = rep('bl', 5),
value1 = rep(16, 5))
d2 = data.frame(I

I have a list of names, some of them are fake, I need to use NLP and Python 3.1 to keep the real names and throw out the fake names
by Jonathan in Programming Languages

I have no clue of where to start on this. I've never done any NLP and only programmed in Python 3.1, which I have to use. I'm looking at the site http://www.linkedin.com and I have to gather all of the public profiles and some of them have very fake names, like 'aaaaaa k dudujjek' and I've been told I can use NLP to find the real names, where would I even start?

Duplicate 'row.names' error reading table. row.names=NULL shifts columns
by Ed. in Programming Languages

This is similar to read.csv row.names and to duplicated row.names , but I do not see answers that help.

Problem: Trying to read in a file which contains duplicate numbers in first column, but shifts the column headers when row.names=NULL.

I'm trying to read the following file into R

201110041426 2226 33889

export table/view names with column names from sql server 2005 database
by green in Databases

data mapping exercise approaches (3000+ tables) and I can get table names out (thanks to previous Stack Overflow answer) but is there easy way to get all table & view names and their associated columns, ideally with foreign and primary keys noted? Newbie here so answers need to be be very simple please! Many thanks, Jules.

Bind incoming JSON to models when DataMember names differ from property names
by Mariocki in Programming Languages

I have this model class, which is automatically populated by sending a POST request to a .NET 4.5 Web Api Controller.

public class Message {
public string text {get; set;}
public Guid id {get; set;}

Now, when I s

Convert JSON style properties names to Java CamelCase names with GSON
by InfiniteLurker in Java

I'm using GSON to convert JSON data I get to a Java object. It works pretty well in all my tests.
The problem is that our real objects have some properties named like is_online. GSON only maps them if they are named totally equal, it would be nice to have GSON convert the names to Java camel case isOnline.

It seems this is possible while creating the JSON data, camel case is co

How can I map database table and field names back into their EF Entity object and property names?
by visual-c++ in Databases

I have a database table which records all field changes in all database tables which are mapped to Entity Framework Entities (via SQL Server triggers).

I am building a service which outputs these field changes to the client.

However, the client needs the EF-Entity object and property names and not the database table and field names.

For example, if these data

Python modules with identical names (i.e., reusing standard module names in packages)
by demetris in Programming Languages

Suppose I have a package that contains modules:


and the modules need to refer to functions contained in one another. It seems like I run into problems with my time.py module since there is a standard module that goes by the same name.

For instance, in the case that my

Entity Framework 4.0 Mapping POCOS with different property names from db fields names
by rhinojosa in Web Design

I'm a newbie to ADO.Net Entity framework 4. I have a set of pocos which I need to map to a legacy database. The problem is that the db field names are different to the poco property names. eg. db field name = 'cusID' and poco property = 'CustomerID'.
What is the best way to map these?

Getting class field names and table column names from NHibernate metadata
by Erik in Programming Languages


I am using a legacy database with all kinds of ugly corners. One bit is auditing. There is a table listing tablename/field combinations of fields that should have an audit trail. For example, if there is a row that has "WORKORDER" for the table name and "STATUS" for the fieldname, then I need to add row(s) to the auditing table whenever the Workorder.Status property chang

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