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How to run a win32 native application that requires sql server native client on MacOSX with winebottler?
by Shrek Qian in Programming Languages

I am experimenting with WineBottler and I would like to try to run my win32 native application written in Delphi on OSX.

The application runs, but I stop at login screen since I cannot connect to SQL Server.

Does anyonw know how to install and configure SQL Server native client on OSX so that it is usable with WineBottler?

Note: I put "wine" as tag since "win

For an app that interacts with the native contacts, is it better to copy all the data in the native book into my app's database?
by Comfly in Mobile Programming

In my application, I need to display all the native contacts in a UITableView, and search/filter this list quickly enough for an auto-complete function. Can this be done entirely through the native API (using ABAddressRefs etc.), or is it better to run through the native list once (maybe at application startup), copy the data into custom objects and store them in an i

Does the Java Native Access API locally save the native libraries for execution?
by taviso in Java

I was just wondering if anyone knew whether the Java Native Access API will locally save the native libraries into a temporary location before or when loading and using native libraries?

How to execute a MongoDB query in the native node-mongo-native driver?
by Miklebud in Coding

is there any way I can pass a MongoDB query like db.things.find() directly to the Mongo C Driver or the Javascript driver node-mongo-native to make a query?

I am wondering the native driver is able to evaluate the query and return the result.

How to do that?


How to obtain the native stacktrace from native exceptions caught in managed code
by AJ. in Programming Languages

I have some managed code that calls to a method inside some native DLL(i have the appropriate symbol files).
Sometimes, that native method throws an exception which I catch in my managed code. However, when i print the stacktrace from my caught exception, I see only managed code (the last frame is the call to the native code .. but it don't see the stacktrack within the native code).

How do i make an air native extension that calls the native alert view in iOS?
by sjmorrison in Programming Languages

I tried a lot of example but ended up with a crash, without any reason.
I use only windows to compile my swc and creating .ipa file. I have created a cocoa static library in Mac and do use it in creating an .ane file.

Native vs. Non-native application development in Sybase Unwired Platform?
by Keeper in Mobile Programming

I'm new to mobile application development using Sybase Unwired Platform. Can someone please tell me:

What is a native mobile application as compared to non-native mobile application in SUP?
What all types of Non-native applications can one develop in Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP)?

AIR native extension: how do I return an ArrayList from android native code
by Salikh in Android

I have written an android native extension to get the list of songs in the android phone. Retrieving song works fine. I am saving the list of songs in an ArrayList in native code.

I am able to return the size of the ArrayList to AIR app, but how do I return the full ArrayList itself.

Can someone please guide me?

Thank you in advance.

Can't load native shared library with dependencies in a native activity app
by Kumar Anand in Programming Languages

In my Android app I have 4 libraries:

depends on libPorkholt.so
depends on libpng15.so
depends on liblua.so
depends on libopenal.so

If I write a small command line executable that links against libTemplate and manually call ANativeActivity_onCr

Installing thin (1.5.0) with native extensions “…ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.”
by rancherlee in Programming Languages

I have a new project need to use thin but there is something wrong.
In my Gemfile.

gem 'thin'

And then I run "bundle install". It shows:

Gem::Installer::ExtensionBuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.
/usr/local/Cellar/ruby/1.9.3-p194/bin/ruby extconf.rb
checking for main() in -lc... *** ex

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