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What Is the Optical Navi Key?
by fukas78 in Electronics
The Optical Navi key, short for optical navigation key, is a feature created for the Nokia E72 mobile phone. The key is placed in the top center of the phone, between the screen and the keypad, and in the center of the standard directional buttons. If users aren't satisfied with the function of the key, it can easily be disabled. FunctionThe Optical Navi key serves a function similar to the tra
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How to Create a Net Navi
by Andrew Forbes in Internet
A net navi refers to online a "Navi Avatar" inspired by James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster "Avatar." There are several websites that allow you to create Navi avatars online. These websites offer a series of tools and a built-in guide to create a personalized Navi avatar. You can later save the final product on your computer for several purposes, including social media profile photo, instant messagin
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How to Kill Navi
by alexandruz in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time," Navi the fairy accompanies the boy hero Link as he makes his way about the land of Hyrule. The character's frequent use of phrases such as, "Hey, listen!" often earned negative comments from gaming web sites like IGN. While players cannot kill Navi, they can temporarily relieve themselves of her presence through the use of glitches. Otherwise, players can
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How to Create a Navi Avatar
by diablo805 in Internet
Na'vi people are fictional characters who live on Pandora in the 2009 movie "Avatar." They are slender beings, stand around 10 feet tall and have blue skin, long tails, amber eyes and pointy ears. You can make your own Na'vi avatar using basic tools available in most photo editing programs.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Photo editing program
Photo of yourself

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plogger navi links
by Icyflash in Web Design

Is it possible to add plogger navi links over the photos?


Category -> SubCategory -> SubCategory?
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iE navi error in Wordpress Theme
by Mihai Mocanu in Web Design

I have several problems with a website, which is build on wordpress cms. Firefox and Chrome are fine, but somehow iE is not working as it should.

First of all the vertical dropdown navigation is not working in iE: www.hrinnovationslam.de

Another Bug seems to be the voting-system located at http://www.hrinnovationslam.de/vorschlagswesen/ , the layout is not as it should b

ios custom back button (NOT in the navi bar)
by Bruce in Operating Systems

i'm building my own navigation between views and i have the navi bar hidden by purpose. still, i need a button inside the view (read outside the navi bar) that would behave like "back" button. is there such method to call that could be assigned to a custom button?

i tried standard push segues, but looping back will create new instances and I just need a standard back behavior (that

How to Make an Origami Navi From "Zelda"
by Joshua Johnson in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The character Navi, from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" game for the Nintendo 64, is particularly memorable for the phrase, "Hey, Listen!" Countless times throughout the game, when something needed your attention, she would say that to attract your attention. She was a tireless sidekick and Link's best friend throughout the game. To honor that friendship, you can quickl

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