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Regular Expression for recognizing negative and non-negative values
by Ernie in Programming Languages

What is the appropriate regular expression for recognizing negative and non-negative values?

Something like this:

#define DECIMAL_NUMBER_REGEX @"[1-9][0-9]*|0"

How to Manage Negative People in a Negative Environment
by eferro in Relationships & Family
Do you ever get tired of going home or to work with the same negative people? Do you get verbally abused or cussed out every time? Do you get treated unfairly at work? Do you deal with negative family members?
In this article you will be able win over any situation these negative people throw at you... Wanna know how... keep readingDifficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need<

How to join a negative polygon with inner negative polygons?
by john3850 in Programming Languages

I'm currently working on a private project which depends on some operations on polygons using the Boost C++ Libraries.

I'm currently trying to work with the inner polygon/negative polygon concept.

What I need to do now is to join three polygons where two of them have a positive (counterclockwise) outer polygon and an negative (clockwise) inner polygon.


Printer Resolution is negative returned as negative
by GreenChile in Programming Languages

I am accessing the resolution of the default printer using the PrintDocument. The problem is that i am getting the


as negative values.

What is the possible problem of behind this? I've tested it w

Can't get negative inputs set to zero. How can negative arrays get set?
by cmdrdredd in Programming Languages

The following code works for all positive inputs correctly but, negative values are bogus. It would work if negative values are set to 0 initially, because they do add. Example at the end.

#include <stdio.h> /* Necessary header */

MIPS program- Cannot able to input negative number from console window? my program stuck for negative number, but operate well for postive
by beginner99 in Web Design

I am writing mips program using MARS IDE for integer division of two number. I am trying to give user input from console. For positive number program is working, but for negative number I believe program is not compiling. My question is, how can we input negative number from console window?

Binary Multiplication - Negative number X Negative number
by ElMonoDelMar in Coding

Please don't tell me to convert the numbers to positive and attempt it as - X - = +

The number is -3 (101)

-3 X -3 = +9

How can this sum be done in binary?


What Does a Negative ROI Mean?
by Alan Xu in Business
Businesses use the return on investment calculation to determine how well an investment is working for the company. A negative ROI is an indicator that a strategy or investment is not working as well as the business expects. Investments can include equipment purchases, training programs or new additions to the staff. Companies make investments with the expectation of an increase in revenue. Ret

Negative look-around
by ISAslot in Web Design

the following regexp is wrong - can someone please help to find all :-) that do not have "please ignore me " in front?
I have not previously needed such an regexp. The word boundaries might confuse things.

<script type="text/javascript">
function regexTest(string, assert) {

How to Take My Mac out of the Negative
by arbeitandy in Computers
A hidden keyboard combination on your Mac inverts the screen colors and puts your Mac in negative. This is a useful tool for using when photo editing and also for users who need this feature for accessibility reasons. A keyboard combination will enable and disable the inverted screen colors.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Press and hold the "Control" key.
Press and hold the "Alt/Option" key.
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