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KVM - advanced network parameters (like network interface bandwidth, setting max transfer rate for emulated network card)
by KM. in Network & Servers

I need some info about advanced KVM network parameters. By advanced I mean the onces that are not accesible form GUI.
Something like:

network interface bandwidth
setting max transfer rate for emulated
network card

Are there any? I've had hard time googling for them

Is it possible to boot a “shut down” system over a network through an application(code) on the network?
by Andreas in Network & Servers

I was just wondering if by any means an application can boot up a system that has been previously shutdown within the same network.

This taught came to my mind after a friend just told me how his system always powers on by itself after he shuts it down. The boot does not happen immediately though.

Is it possible and what are the options? I would really doubt it is possib

Programmatically quit “Captive Network Assistant” without disconnecting from network
by comphollic in Development Tools & Services

Is there a way to quit or kill Captive Network Assistant in (Mountain) Lion, without disconnecting from the network?

I have tried to do a simple killall command and also a killall -9, but it still disconnects from the network anyway.

Alternative is there a way of telling Captive Network Assistant, that I have logged in on the webpage and it shou

Delphi writing to a network share using TFilestream locks the file when network is lost
by CurrentlyPissed in Development Tools & Services

Im attempting to write to a network share (local) using TFilestream. It all works fine should the network connection not be interupted.

However, if I pull the network cable and then reconnect it, subsequent attempts to open the filestream fail due to access restrictions. I also cannot even delete the file in explorer! It appears TFilestream locks the file and the only way to get aro

How to Identify What Type of Category Network Cable Is Connected to Your Network Interface Card?
by Morbo in Computers
Ethernet cables are common networking equipment used to connect a computer to a data connection, router, hub or switch. Ethernet cables have two common types: category 5 (older technology) and category 6 (newer, faster technology). There is also a category 7, but it is rarely implemented. You can identify the type of cable installed on your network by viewing some of the characteristics of the cab

How to Add a Wireless Network to a Home Computer to Enable an iPod Touch to Connect to a Network
by sepe in Computers
The Apple iPod touch devices includes a Wi-Fi antenna for connecting to wireless networks and running web-based apps. However, if your house has only a wired Ehernet network, your iPod touch will not be able access the Internet. To get around this problem, you can manually add a wireless network on your home computer that will share an Ethernet connection and enable the iPod touch to connect to it

I'm testing FileSystemWatcher on a company network, can it cause a network violation when “watching”?
by Chris Tattum in Programming Languages

I have access to multiple network drives at my company.
I'm running a test application that just monitors for created,updated,deleted and
changed files/directories so my question is can the application "watching" the network
cause a network violation error i.e. spying ?


Any techniques / tools for simulating server and/or network unresponsiveness and network timeouts etc.?
by Denmark in Operating Systems

I have network handling code in my app (using NSURLConnection/NSURLRequest) and I would like to test how its behaving when the timeout for the connection expires before its received a response.

Any there any techniques/tools for simulating this on the simulator and device?

(NSURLRequest apparently does not allow a very short time out to be set, i.e. one second, but I hav

MSTest: Ignore Intergration tests that rely on network when network is unavailable
by Tommy in Network & Servers

Does anyone know away of ignoring selected tests when the network is unavailable. Something like a conditional Ignore attribute?

Python Network Programming on Linux - Simultaneous use of two network interface on the client?
by ShayH in Network & Servers

Currently I have two network interfaces on my client. I created two separate sockets which binds to each interface ip. Now I also have two servers with each one talking to one socket on the client. I want to be able to receive data (~10MB for now but will be larger later) from both interfaces simultaneously (currently using UDP or DGRAMS) but for some reason there is always a delay in that it h

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