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Networking: Difference between Transport layer and Networking Layer
by Max Ollerenshaw in Network & Servers

In Internet Model there are four layers: Link -> Networking -> Transport -> Application.

I don't really know the difference between networking layer and transport layer. As I read:

Transport layer: include congestion control, flow control, reliability ...
Networking layer: route data from A to B

So, base on above properties, I see that there

C# Networking API's
by dmossakowski in Programming Languages

Lately I've been looking for a good networking API i could possibly use and/or reference some of the code within, but i have mere luck searching for some on Google/Bing. Hopefully somebody here has seen and/or used a helpful networking API for C#.

Thanks in advanced.

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What is a Hub in Networking?
by mii in Computers
Most networking devices serve a simple purpose that can easily be understood by the average user. The hub is one such device that seems complicated in theory, but is in fact a very simple device. Connecting to the NetworkThe simplest network is just between two computers. Adding a hub allows a user to connect more than two computers. Must hubs have ports where users insert CAT-5 cable into the
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Networking with ios
by GunnarHafdal in Programming Languages

I have an application that was written in Java and runs on the users machine. I now want to build an application on the iPhone which will communicate with my java app.

Can somebody point me in the right direction on how I can send and receive TCP packets with the iPhone, I want to of course be able to do that using wifi and 3G.


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P2P Networking under the each NAT
by ruby in Network & Servers

I'm doing some mobile project, that need to P2P communication with two devices.
And I faced with problem. (cause it's rare that smartphone have public ip)

I found some answers. It is 'UDP Hole Punching'.

I guess I understand about 'UDP Hole Punching' 100% conceptually, and write some codes.
But it doesn't work.

This is my situation.


Networking with C++
by tedrodai in C & C++ & C#

I'm a newcomer to using C++ but have got a general Idea of its syntax and useability. I want to learn how to communicate over networks through C++ programming though but I can't seem to find any tutorials for C++ specifically.
Does anyone know any good resources to learn about networking with C++ or what I should start with?

Thanks a bunch,

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Networking for Xna (C#) and C++?
by David Colebatch in C & C++ & C#

Me and some friends were thinking about making an online game with XNA game studio. Our games mainly used Winsock for the networking portion, but our most recent project used RakNet where the server was in C++ and the Client used a small RakNet wrapper I wrote. As far as I know XNA can't really use DLLs, so I was wondering what a good networking solution would be.

1) C# already has

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Networking in C/C++?
by enginecrew in Programming Languages

I am a begginer C++ programmer. In C#, I used the System.Net.Sockets.Socket class, which represents a networking socket, to create/connect a server. How can I do the same thing in C/C++? Are there any classes like this?

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About Ad Hoc Networking
by z1ggy in Computers
Ad hoc has a Latin root meaning "for this purpose only," and the U.S. military's DARPA research program developed the ad hoc network in the 1970s. Most computers today include all of the tools necessary to use and install an ad hoc network just about anywhere. Although an ad hoc network can save money and is one of the easiest networks to set up and use, it also carries some added risks. Identi
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What Are the Causes of Social Networking?
by zclin in Internet
Social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace are household names. They allow users to connect, communicate and share media like photos and videos. What may not be well known is what sparked the creation of social networking. Since 1997, different patterns of demand, imitation and gradual expansion caused social networks to transform from basic, obscure sites to complex, popular ones. So

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