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more than 20 results in nokia map 'nokia.places.search.manager.findPlaces' function?
by DMasterX in Web Design

using nokia maps "nokia.places.search.manager.findPlaces" i get upto 20 place search results.
how get more results?

my nokia function:

searchTerm: term,
searchCenter: searchCenterN,
didYouMean: 5

How to Unlock a Nokia MMC Memory Card for a Nokia 7610
by Tom D in Electronics
Unlocking the Nokia 7610 memory card allows the 7610 to work with other network providers. But to unlock the phone and actually have it work on another network requires consent from Nokia in the form of an authorization number called the IMEI code. Furthermore, the MMC memory card needs to be replaced with a new memory card from a new network. But to simply unlock the memory card from the 7610 is

can i install the Nokia 5230 OS for Nokia 5228 Phone?
by scott.sizemore in Mobile Programming

Am using Nokia 5228 phone. I want to install the other Phone OS like Nokia 5230. Is this possible or Not?

How to Upgrade a Nokia n80 to Nokia n80 Internet Edition
by Brazen in Electronics
The Nokia N80 was a cell phone the company released that was quite popular with customers. As with any new form of technology, Nokia released a better version not long after. This new version is known as the Nokia N80IE or Internet Edition. The two phones have the same features, but the IE has better software, which makes looking at things online or surfing the web look better. Luckily, you can ea

The Difference Between the Nokia 6265 & the Nokia 6265I
by Walruz in Electronics
Although the Nokia 6265 and the Nokia 6265i are similar in appearance, there are slight differences in the specifications for each model. As can be assumed, the Nokia 6265i is an upgraded model and includes extra features that the 6265 model does not. Understanding the small differences between the models may help you select the one that is right for you. Still Image FormatBoth the Nokia 6265 a

How do I change the emulator in Nokia Nokia SDK 2_0 to s40?
by evgen_povt in Programming Languages

I recently taken interest to tinker with Nokia s40 phones, partly because we have a stock phone here at home and also because I've pretty much grown with the s40 system ever since I was young so I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane.

I'm going to be developing for Nokia s40v5 but I'm a bit confused. Following this page for s40, you can see that it seems to imply Nokia SDK 2.0 f

Nokia 6500 Slide Vs. Nokia E65
by Paratus in Electronics
Because virtually all of today's mobile phones can do the basics--calling and texting--it's the intangibles that separate them from one another. Such is the case of Nokia's 6500 Slide and E65, both released in 2007. SizeThe E65 is 4.1 inches long, 2 inches wide, .7 inches deep and weighs 4.05 oz. The 6500 Slide is 3.79 inches long, 1.8 inches deep, .6 inches deep and weighs 4.4 oz.

What Is the Difference Between the Nokia N85 & the Nokia N95 Phones?
by chr6 in Electronics
Nokia's N85 and N95 are part of the company's extensive line of smartphones and have a variety of features in common, such as a digital camera and GPS system, but are different in several key areas, as well. Nokia released the N85 in 2008, and the N95, in 2007. Dimensions and DisplayCompact and lightweight, the Nokia N85 and N95 vary in external dimensions. The N85 measures 2 inches wide, 4.1 i

Nokia E72 Vs. Nokia E75 Unlocked
by you2 in Electronics
The Nokia E72 and E75 smartphones have many features in common, but being sold by U.S. carriers isn't one of them. That doesn't mean they won't work in the U.S., though. In fact, because they can be unlocked, both will operate on U.S. carriers if you install the selected carrier's SIM card and purchase an unlock code from the manufacturer. While the E72 was produced specifically for T-Mobile, the

How to Compare the Nokia N72 & the Nokia N73
by Max Ollerenshaw in Electronics
The Nokia N72 and Nokia N73 are very similar handsets. Both are from the "Nseries" range of Nokia phones and both models have been discontinued. You can buy secondhand phones cheaply, however, especially if you shop around online. To compare the N72 with the N73, study the specifications of each handset to identify differences before deciding which has features that better suit your needs.Difficul


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