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Does appEmulation on Magento dispatch normal events for normal observers?
by Delaware in Programming Languages

For example, on Mage_Sales_Model_Order you have a method called sendNewOrderEmail() which runs this appEmulation, and generates the paymentBlocks to embed on the email.
I was told that this is done to simulate the frontend store and precisely be able to generate said block...

but does the methods called under that appEmulation also trigger observers o

MySQL - moving from 1st Normal Form to 2nd and 3rd Normal Forms
by akiin in Databases

This question directly relates to a previous topic "MySQL - move from flat table to first normal form" (http://bit.ly/9pvS0Y) - and as I am now asking a question about moving to second and third normal forms, I figured it best to start a new topic.

Below is my first normal form schema which I am pretty sure is solid enough for my purposes, but please correct me if I am wrong.

iPhone, how what I show smaller views ontop of normal view and switch between my current normal views?
by Ever Daniel Barreto in Programming Languages

I'd like to display some small tutorial dialogs on top of my exiting views. I want to be able to see my existing views behind these smaller views.

Do I have to use view controllers in the same I way I would me normal views, and presentmodalviewcontroller etc ?

I haven't tried making a smaller view in interface builder before.

Also, say I want to move to anoth

Normal Maps vs. Normal Coordinates
by tontod in Programming Languages

I'm currently working with OpenGL ES 1.1 and using the DrawElements convention along with Vertex, Normal, Texture Coordinate, and Index arrays.

I recently came across this while researching the idea of using Normal/Bump mapping which I previously though impossible with OpenGL ES:

I can generate an object-apace

Challenge!! Example of a valid 4th normal form relation that can perform 5th normal form decomposition
by zuz in Databases

According to my professor in Intro. to Database Theory, there are NO examples in exisitance to show when this occasion would arise which seems a little bizarre considering its a specific part of the theory.

What I'm looking for is just an example relation that is in 4th normal form and such that 5th normal form decomposition can be performed. OR (which is probably more likely) some

Find normal of a plane by given then intersection line and the normal of another Plane
by Piriya in Programming Languages

Normally Intersection of two planes A and B (not parallel) will return a line L. I know how to implement this, but if now given a plane A and the line of intersection L to find plane B. Is there a solution? Thanks in advance!

Generating values from normal distribution with own function of normal distribution?
by Mpalle in Web Design

I was wondering, if there is a way to generate a Random function, that gives me random variables in a modified Gaussian form?!

My funktion, how the values should be like, is represented like this:

f(x) = 1.04/(1 + 0.04 * exp(x^2))

(Visit this WolframAlpha site to see the function)

I need to use this in Java, and there function ne

Find a point on a plane given the plane's normal and a point along that normal
by GAM3RIG in Coding

I am given a point (Px,Py,Pz) and a normal vector (Nx,Ny,Nz). I have to find the purple point (Tx,Ty,Tz) in this diagram:

The black line is a plane that intersects the origin (0,0,0) and is perpendicular to the normal. How can I find T?

matlab test for normal distribution (not test for non-normal distribution)
by James Lupiani in Network & Servers

I have a set of about 100000 numbers. Fitting a gaussian to my data I can visually see that the points follow a gaussian almost exactly. Using the normplot I see that my data again follow a gaussian except for a little noise on the tails.

Now, what I am looking for is a function that can give me a p-value that rejects the null hypothesis that my data aren't normal. Lilleforfs,

What Is a Normal PTT?
by Bakafish in Health
PTT is an acronym for partial thromboplastin time, a clinical laboratory test that is performed to evaluate the clotting properties of the blood. According to “Tintalli’s Emergency Medicine,” the normal range for PTT is 22 to 34 seconds. How the Test is DonePTT is tested by adding substances to a sample of the patient's plasma to initiate the clotting system and determine the
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