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Capture Software Design Notes - Quick Diagramming and simple written notes
by rixtertech in Development Tools & Services

As a software developer, I often need to quickly capture notes about business rule changes or I might want to quickly lay out a diagram.

What software tools do you use and personally recommend for such a task?

Right now I capture written notes or diagram on paper. And sometimes I though written notes in a Word document. But quick diagrams in Word (or even Visio) are no

Notes session returns NotesView instead of NotesDocument when resolving document by notes URL
by Rob B in Programming Languages

I'm using the Domino .NET wrapper classes to allow users to drag an email from their Lotus inbox to a winform.

I'm getting a data object back, that contains notes URL to the document, in the form


And passing it to Domino.NotesSession.Resolve(pUrl) which is supposed to return the matching document. Actua

Pulling data/notes from the IPhone notes app into a Delphi application
by TC. in Mobile Programming

I have developed a few Delphi Win32 (currently using D2007) applications, which revolve around note-taking and idea development. I'd like to be able to pull the notes written on the iPhone's little "notes" app into these apps (which store their data in a database). One-way importing would be fine for now. Is this possible? If so, what would be the best approach for doing it?


How to Read Sixteenth Notes and Eighth Notes in Piano Music
by walkur in Arts & Entertainment
A good sense of rhythm is vital to playing eighth and sixteenth notes on the piano. These quick moving notes add depth and beauty to music that's unattainable with quarter, half and whole notes. While they move and are counted quickly, they are not difficult once you master the technique. The key is to start out playing and counting slowly and then speeding things up as you become more familiar wi

Extracting Metadata of Lotus Notes Applications Using Notes Java API?
by got_bainne in Java

I am looking for extracting metadata about Notes Applications on a Domino server using Java Notes API. I tried reading the list of applications/databases from catalog.nsf file.
But catalog.nsf does not have new Applications that are created based on a existing template.

So From where can I get the list of applications that are existing on a Domino Server? Will the new Applic

Best way to model music (notes) for fast searching notes at a particular time
by Adam May in Programming Languages

I'm working on an iOS music app (written in C++) and my model looks more or less like this:


So basically a Song has multiple Tracks, a Track can have multiple Patterns and a

Lotus Notes Java app can’t find notes.ini
by George Garchagudashvili in Java

Both the systems described are Windows XP with Lotus Notes 8.5.

I have a Java app (sample code below) that uses notes.jar to interact with Lotus Notes. The app works fine on a system that has notes.ini in the Lotus install dir of c:Program FilesLotusNotes and the user ID file is in c:Program FilesLotusNotesData. The user has to type a password

How to Learn Musical Notes and Visual Notes on Sheets
by ugufugu in Arts & Entertainment
Learning to read sheet music is a highly respected and valuable skill. Reading music can open doors for you in the music industry that would normally be shut to a musician who plays by ear. It takes time and patience to learn how to read music. A significant amount of time has to be invested daily so that the new musical language becomes ingrained in the memory. Reading music is not like riding a

How to Transpose Clarinet Notes to Recorder Notes
by Dré in Arts & Entertainment
In order to play music written for the clarinet on a recorder, one must transpose the music first. This is because the recorder is generally a concert C instrument, and the clarinet, a B flat instrument. If a recorder plays the note C, it will sound like concert C. However, if the clarinet plays a concert C, it will sound at B flat. For this reason, music must be transposed before being played by

How to Change Trumpet Notes Into Trombone Notes
by Lori in Arts & Entertainment
Changing the pitch of an entire musical line is called transposing. There are two types of pitches: concert and written. Concert pitch is the pitch you hear. The written pitch may be different from the concert pitch and is written for the instrument. In music, some instruments are considered transposing instruments. The trumpet is a transposing instrument because it sounds a major second lower tha

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