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Invalid parameter number: number of bound variables does not match number of tokens
by Londo_Jowo in Databases

I have a table:
'objects' with few columns:
object_id:int, object_type:int, object_status:int, object_lati:float, object_long:float
My query is :

$stmt = $db->query('SELECT o.object_id, o.object_type, o.object_status, o.object_lati, o.object_long FROM objects o WHERE o.object_id = 1');
$res = $stmt->fetch();

Pdo throw error:

python regex: replacing <number>st, <number>nd, <number>th etc in a adress with a single sub
by in Programming Languages

I have many adresses like "East 19th Street" or "West 141st Street" and I would like to remove the "th" and the "st" in a single call to re.sub.

re.sub("(d+)st|(d+)nd|(d+)rd|(d+)th", "g<1>", "East 19th Street")

doesn't work because it is not always the first gorup which is caught

I could chain the subs but it is dirty.
Help appreciated

Given a number, find the next higher number which has the exact same set of digits as the original number
by jwright30 in Development Tools & Services

I just bombed an interview and made pretty much zero progress on my interview question. Can anyone let me know how to do this? I tried searching online but couldn't find anything:

Given a number, find the next higher number which has the exact same
set of digits as the original number. For example: given 38276 return

I wanted to begin by finding the

Allow user to type any number of strings in Windows Console then show information about number of letters in strings already typed and row number
by XiandreX in Programming Languages

I'm trying to do Windows Console application which allows user to write any number of letters(string) in one line then after click 'Enter' moving to the next line etc. If user write in console "showme" then it should show him information: row number and number of letters in string in this row (image). There should be also "end" function which should close console, but it's alread done.

Generate Random number between two number with one rare number
by Mykola Novik in Programming Languages

i can generate random number between two numbers in c using this..


then now my requirement is...i want to make a number rare....thats mean if

and rare=3,

than 3 will be appeared much rarely than 1,2,4 and 5...


Converting the number after another number into a 2 algarisms number? (1 then 1 = 11) - Arduino
by Magic Carpet in Web Design

So, I'm trying to set up a kind of calculator with Arduino. I've already managed to read the data from an IR Remote Control and display them in a LCD 16x2 Display. If I type "1", for example, "1" will be showed on the display, but how do I manage to make the program understand that if two, or more numbers were pressed before the Enter button it's a number with more than 1 algarism? Like pressi

How to Know If the Number That's Calling Is a Home Number or a Cell Number?
by DesiPower in Electronics
If you have caller ID or a cellphone, you can look up the number for most calls you receive. If you don't recognize the number, it will be hard to try to find out if the call is from a cellphone or a landline. However, a few tips and a few tools can help you figure this out. Some people prefer not to return calls from cellphones, especially from abroad because it is expensive. Others like to know

Account Number vs. Bank Number vs. Transit Number
by AdamK47 in Personal Finance
Your checking account has several numbers associated with it that are critical to ensuring your deposits are credited to your account, but you can easily mix them up. The most important numbers you need to know are your account number, and bank or routing number. You can find these on your checks, and in the case of your routing number, on the web. Account NumberYour account number refers to th

Error encountered: Cannot find method (class)getRange((class),number,number,number)
by Red Storm in Development Tools & Services

Has anyone ever come across this error before from running UI App published as web app?:

Error encountered: Cannot find method (class)getRange((class),number,number,number).

I googled the phrase and came up with zero search results.

The web app loads fine from the doGet(), and the error comes up after a small server handler operates.

number of divisors of a number which are not smaller than another number
by mndoci in Network & Servers

Is there any efficient way to find the number of divisors of a number (say n) which are not smaller than another number (say m).
n can be up to 10^12.
i thought about sieve algorithm & then find the number of divisors.
my method check all the numbers from m to square root of n.
But i think there is another way(efficient) to do that .


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