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CSharpCodeProvider after Obfuscator
by Traveling around the world in Programming Languages

I'm using a Scripting system that compile at runtime, it is working good, but when I use some code obfuscator to hide my codes from "bad guys" the scripting stop to work, it returns an error:

Error: CS0234

The type or namespace name "Objects" does not exist in the namespace "TestProgram" (are you missing an assembly reference?)

Error: CS

Complex js obfuscator
by Pierre LeBoo in Web Design

I need a complex js obfuscator so that the js file won't be easy to reverse with a public tool like http://jsbeautifier.org/

Free .net obfuscator?
by darko.topolsek in Programming Languages

I'm looking for a good .net obfuscator (for Visual Studio Express Edition) but it has to be free. Any recommendations?

TAGS : Free obfuscator

Purchasing an Obfuscator?
by CrookedNumber in Programming Languages

Why should I pay for an obfuscator if Visual Studio ships with a free version (Dotfuscator Community Edition)?

obfuscator and linker for .net
by Jaleel in Programming Languages

I am in need to develop a desktop application which will be quite light-weight but dont want my end users to install full-fledged .net framerwork to run that. I've done a lot of research and my findings are:
1. using some .net linkers, i can achieve this goal. some of them are salamander, spoon.net(not 100% sure about its functionality), rustemsoft etc.
2. I am coming across two tools

I am trying to make an obfuscator
by Kumar Anand in Programming Languages

This is kind of a two part question. But it both relates to the same thing.

I want to work with the IL code of an app to apply patches. I am wondering what would be the right approach. Obviously I could decompile it and read and edit the il code file then recompile. but is there some way to read it as msil code right in the file. and maybe edit it in real time.

I was try

How to Get Rid of VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.IL
by Scott Smith in Computers
The VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.IL is a malware that conceals and hides the presence of other viruses and infections on your system. To hinder the detection of malware, it uses a mixture of methods, such as encryption, compression, anti-debugging and anti-emulation. This obfuscation malware spreads via pirated software and harmful Web page links. If you attempt to remove this malware manually, you ma

Help me choose .net obfuscator program?
by Marcos de Carvalho in Programming Languages

I have written a program in vb.net 2008 (using .net 3.5). It's a decent size program. One part of this program is to access an online database and encrypt/decrypt files. To access db I use a hardcoded password. To encrypt/decrypt files I used a hardcoded key. No matter what I do I would need to hardcode one of the two things at least. For example: even if I store database password in an encrypt

Deobfuscate PHP script (php obfuscator 1.4)
by ponchopilate in PHP

situation very simple - Previous programmer was fired. And the best thing that he did - it obfuscated PHP code and deleted the source files. I try to decode the scripts by my self, but the code doesn't work after my changes. Maybe someone can help with the decoding?




Any experience with PHP obfuscator on pipsomania.com
by Chennai in PHP

I'm looking for any php obfuscator solution, I found one
but I need to send our code to their service.

Have you anyone any experience with this service? I'm little bit worried :-)

PS. Our goal is to protect a code from easy observation and we don't want to install any php extension on every server where we sold o

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