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jQuery - Drag a object to a droppable object after the object hover a sortable object
by squarecut1 in Coding

I am using 2 sortable objects and 1 droppable object.
The 2 sortable are connected using "connectWith" property.

Click here to see a image example.

The idea is that i will drag objects from the bottom sortable to the upper sortable or to the droppable object.

The problem is that when i am dragging a object from the bottom sortable to the draggable object

Converting JSON array of [object, Object], [object, Object] to actual values?
by unfool in Programming Languages

I have this in my controller:

def selectmodels
@brand = Brand.find_by_name(params[:brand_name])
@models = Model.where(:brand_id => @brand.id)
render json: @models

The returned code is processed by:

url: '/selectmodels?brand_name=' + test, type: 'get',
dataType: 'json',

How do I create an object referencing an instantiated class object inside a method that didn't pass the object as an argument?
by Ali in Programming Languages
synchronized void drop(Board board) {
int[][] a = getArray();
int[][] b = board.getArray();
//I don't have currentObject here... what do I need to write?
if (Board.goDown(currentX, currentY, b, a, board, currentObject)) {

The method call is curren

Jquery / Handlebars error message - Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'match'
by Justin Chen in Web Design

i am working on a little learning project and have run into an issue that i cant work out.

I get the following error message on google chromes dev console :-

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'match'

Parse a “list” (as an object) of object as integer-object (hashmap) in JSON using GSON
by Platinumjsi in Programming Languages

I have this kind of json:

"1": {"id": 1, "first": "mymethod", "second" : [true, true, false]} ,
"4": {"id": 2, "first": "foo", "second" : [true, true, false]},
"67": {"id": 67, "first": "bar", "second": [true, true, false]},
"70": {"id": 70, "first": "foobar", "second" : [true, true, false]}

I am trying to parse it using gson

jquery autocomplete combobox error: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'button'
by picamiolo in Web Design

i am trying to implement an autocomplete combobox using jquery ui plugin.

with the below mentioned code i am able to achieve the autocomplete part but not the dropdown part (due to the uncaught typeerror the dropdown arrow is not visible)

$.widget( "ui.combobox", {
_create: function() {
var input,
self = this,

Object wrapping vs. Object “pollution” - performance dependent on object size or number?
by fstender in Web Design

I'm rewriting a JavaScript library that I wrote some time ago.
Its purpose is to display an array of objects as a table, that can be sorted, filtered and edited without server communication.

The current solution "pollutes" the objects with additional attributes, that are needed to steer the display.
The original object may look like this


Backbone bind event keydown to document returns Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'apply'
by cbot5000 in Programming Languages

I am having big trouble fixing this error.

I have a view in Backbone.js and I want to bind some actions on it with keyboard events.

Here is my view :

window.PicturesView = Backbone.View.extend({
initialize : function() {
$(document).on('keydown', this.keyboard, this);
remove : function() {

ExtJS controller probelem. Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'setSortState'
by John Studdert in Web Design

T writing code using ExtJS4.0.1, MVC architecture. And when I develop main form I meet problem with search extension for web site.

When I was trying to create new widget in controller, I need render result in subpanel. and so when I write sample code I meet following problem:

**Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'setSortState'**

object[index] - Javascript Object Error in IE - Object doesn't support this property or method
by iyogee in Javascript

I have a simple script to retrieve an id from an object list in javascript. Here is the example:

var element_id;
if (cur_index !== 0) {
element_id = _BIG_LIST[cur_index-1];

IE is throwing an error at: _BIG_LIST[cur_index-1]

Error is Object doesn't support this property or method. This works fine in other br

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