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How to Obtain Percents? Can I obtain the group Sum and total Sum in the same Query?
by Mistere in Databases

I have a table similar to below. I need to get the percentages for each region, but to obtain it I have to get the total sum because it is not always going to be 100.

Customer Region Quantity
-------- ------ --------
1 East 10
2 West 10
3 South 10
4 South 10
5 South 10
6 South

how to obtain the mode shift characteristics in hvdc.i want to obtain the characteristics during mode shift
by vylycyn in Programming Languages

I am doing project in HVDC.I have matlab simulation for HVDC transmission system.in normal operation mode rectifier act as a current controller and inverter as extinction angle control. i want to obtain the mode shift characteristics during ac voltage reduction.during the mode shift inverter change as the current controller. i want to obtain the characteristics during mode shift and i want to

How to Obtain an FFL
by DaleS in Business
An FFL is a federal firearms license that allows you to buy and sell firearms in the United States. To be eligible for an FFL, you must be at least 21 years old and cannot have spent more than a year in prison. You also can't have been discharged from the military, found to be mentally ill or have a restraining order against you for harassment or stalking. You must be legally allowed to use a fire
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The Best Way to Obtain an EIN
by arbeitandy in Home & Garden
An employer identification number (EIN) is a code that can be used for a business or self-employed individual for tax purposes. This number essentially acts as a replacement for a social security number and even has an identical number of digits. Bar none, the best way to obtain an EIN is to use the Internal Revenue Service website to apply right from your home computer.Difficulty:EasyInstructions
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How to Obtain a DD 214
by bhakins in Culture & Society
Official military discharge papers, known as DD Form 214, are needed to prove military service. Service members can request copies of their DD 214 or other separation documents by submitting a request in writing on the SF180 Form or by filling out a request on the eVetRecs website and printing it. Close family members can also request a copy of these forms in the case of a deceased service member.
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How to Obtain W2s From the IRS
by MeldarthX in Personal Finance
The IRS is the logical organization you think of when you need a copy of your W-2. However, your official W-2 isn't issued by the IRS. It comes from your employer. If you need a current replacement copy of your W-2 before you file your taxes, your employer can provide it. The IRS can help you with previous years' W-2s. According to the IRS, it does not "retain actual copies of Form W-2 except
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How Can I Obtain My W2 From SSA or the IRS?
by tgwizard in Legal
Both the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can provide you copies of previous years' W-2 forms. The SSA will send copies of W-2s at no cost if you need them for a Social Security-related reason, such as a question about earnings posted to your Social Security record, but will otherwise charge $30 for each year requested. The IRS will provide the informatio
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How to Obtain a 501(c)(3)
by dEXterz in Business
There are many benefits to obtaining 501(c)(3) standing for your organization. Besides not being taxed on its income, this status also allows all donations received by the organization to be treated as a tax deduction by the donor. This special exemption makes these charitable organizations much more attractive for possible donors, which means more contributions for an organization's activities. A
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How to Obtain an ASN
by CyberGreg in Education
An associate of science degree in nursing is the minimum college degree allowed to practice as a registered nurse in most states. There remain some hospital-administered programs that graduate RN's with a diploma in nursing, however these have decreased steadily in number with the rise of professionalism in the nursing field. Associate degrees in nursing are generally awarded by community colleges
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How to Obtain a Mean Value
by Marcos de Carvalho in Education
The mean value is often confused with the median or mode, but mean value is essentially just an average value from a given set of numbers. Understanding, computing, and obtaining a mean value is a simple, basic mathematical calculation with only a few steps.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Decide which values you will be averaging together and count the total number of values. For example, if you w
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