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What Is the Difference Between a Direct Public Offering & an Intrastate Offering?
by Norway in Business
A direct public offering is a method companies use to raise capital to start or expand their businesses. An intrastate offering is one of the three main types of direct public offering available to companies that opt for this financing method. If you are planning to raise capital with a direct public offering, you should first understand the differences between an interstate offering and the other

What Is a Wave Offering?
by Ernest Hill in Culture & Society
A wave offering is a ritual offering mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament). One of several kinds of offerings mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the Israelites gave wave offerings as a show of peace and service to God. God commands the Israelites to bring sacrificial animals and gifts of bread and oil to the Kohanim (priests). After preparing the sacrifices, the priests waved the
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What Is a 144A Offering?
by Dave Lievense in Personal Finance
Rule 144A offerings were enacted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 1990. This rule eliminates the two-year holding period for privately-placed securities when sold by a qualified institutional buyer to another qualified buyer. This allows corporations to raise capital in the private marketplace by selling securities to qualified institutional buyers who can then resell the securit
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What Is a Votive Offering?
by Morbo in Culture & Society
Votive offerings have been used throughout history by people of many different religions as expressions of gratitude to supernatural beings or to encourage their favor. A consideration of some of the types and uses of votive offerings throughout the ages gives a glimpse of the variety of expressions of a common religious feeling. PlacementMany votive offerings have been discovered by archaeolog

Advantages of Offering a 401(k)
by dummyadresse in Business
Many times when companies are looking to reduce expenses, the budget cuts trickle down to employees in the form of lower benefits and pay. While these reductions are sometimes necessary, a 401(k) retirement plan is one benefit companies should strive to retain. Doing so not only helps the company find and keep quality employees, but also strengthens its bottom line. 401(k) PlansA 401(k) plan i

How to Count the Offering
by Jon Riegel in Culture & Society
When counting the offering at your church, it's imperative that you never count it alone. You must also double or triple check the numbers and secure the money in a location that's available only to a small number of approved and qualified individuals.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Decide whether to count the monies right after the church service or at another time. If you choose a late
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What Is a Convertible Debt Offering?
by psolord in Personal Finance
A convertible debt offering is an option built into convertible bonds that allow holders to exchange the market value of the bond for shares of common stock in the issuing company. This option typically becomes available once a specific amount of time has passed after the bond was first issued. If the option is exercised, the issuing company delivers a number of shares calculated according to a sp

Is a Church Offering Tax Deductible?
by venom361 in Personal Finance
Generally, financial contributions to nonprofit organizations can be deducted at tax time, creating an incentive for people to give to charity. This includes money you put in the donation basket at church every week. While church offerings can be tax-deductible, the Internal Revenue Service doesn't make it very easy to claim them. DefinitionA tax-deductible item is one which you claim on your t

What Is a Common Equity Offering?
by textmate in Business
Cash-seeking businesses may offer common equity on financial exchanges or borrow from private or public lenders. Equity offering is the product of investment acumen and financial expertise, and involves the efforts of corporate treasurers and financial managers. Investment bankers also weigh in on common equity offering, contributing their securities-exchange knowledge to make the transaction a su

Organizations Offering Grants
by beefjerky911 in Personal Finance
Private foundations, corporations and government organizations offer grants to businesses, nonprofits and individuals. The Foundation Center provides information about grants awarded globally. According to the Foundation Center in 2009, more than $20 million was awarded to more than 150,000 recipients by organizations. Government grants are administered by Grants.gov, which provides information on

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