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Official XHTML 1.1 DTDs vs. official XHTML 1.1 XML Schemas
by bigrod in Web Design

I have the option of validating XHTML 1.1 documents against the official XHTML 1.1 DTDs (I use the plural because the "main" DTD actually includes several others) or against the official XHTML 1.1 XML Schemas.

Now I know that the XML Schema language is more expressive and powerful and can therefore check for more things. What I'm wondering is whether these "extra" features are actua

How to Be an NFL Official
by Mytime34 in Careers & Job Searching
Working as a professional official for the National Football League is a reputable job that allows you to interact with athletes and work at big games. Whether you are looking for a career as judge, umpire or referee, getting to work in the NFL is a privilege that can be challenging to obtain due to fierce competition. Becoming an NFL official can take time and is a career that you can work toward
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How to Get an Official W2
by kakashi_ in Personal Finance
Form W-2 may be referred to as a wage and tax statement. Employers are required to send employers a W-2 by January 31st of each year. Employees use information contained on their W-2 to complete and file their federal and state tax returns. An employer has a requirement to send a copy of each employee's W-2 to the Internal Revenue Service. This form contains information about an employee such as t
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The Official Way to Get a W-2
by JoseWalrus in Personal Finance
As the tax year ends at the end of December, employees often anticipate receiving W-2 forms that document annual earnings and tax withholdings during the preceding year. After you receive your W-2 form, you can then use the figures it contains to complete your income tax forms for filing. The Internal Revenue Service requires employers to issue W-2 forms by the last day of January. If you do not r
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How to Become an NFL Official
by atomicstack in Sports & Fitness
Millions of people are watching as you place your head under a canopy and spend 90 seconds watching video replays of a violent piece of athleticism that lasted less than two seconds. You have labored for years to reach this single moment. Now, as the referee of a Super Bowl, you have the Solomon-like power to make a decision that will influence the outcome of the world's greatest sports spectacle.
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How to Become an MLS Official
by surfsatwerk in Sports & Fitness
Major League Soccer (MLS) is a soccer league for 13 top soccer teams in the United States and Canada. The group was founded in 1996 and has experienced major growth; by 2010, they hope to be made up of 16 teams. Follow these steps if you love soccer and would like to become an official in the MLS.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Become a referee in the MLS. To become an MLS referee
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How to Become an NBA Official
by Andrew S. in Careers & Job Searching
Becoming a referee in the NBA is a lengthy process. Applicants are expected to have at least ten to fourteen years experience along with a host or references identifying them as solid candidates. It's a lengthy process but worthwhile for those who make it a dream. If you're set on becoming an official in the NBA, follow these steps to get there.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Check for offic
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How to Be a NHL Off-Ice Official
by Traut in Careers & Job Searching
Celebrate your love of the sport of ice-hockey by becoming an off-ice official. Off-ice officials are behind the scenes and do not need to know how to skate well, but are still essential to the organized sport of ice-hockey. Take the right steps and you can be a NHL off-ice official.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Start at the bottom of the totem pole. Begin this career by speaking to the pr
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Looking for the official ATA-4 specification/RFC
by Spain in Programming Languages

I'm looking for one of the following:
- ATA-4 Specification
- A wrapper for the ATA-4 specification written in Real Mode Assembly (MASM/TURBO ASM)

How to Become an Official Scorer in MLB
by Schmidt in Sports & Fitness
A Major League Baseball (MLB) official scorer has the final say over key plays that occur in a game. The official scorer supplies the baseball commissioner's office with an official report that includes umpire decisions and records of every batting, pitching and fielding play that occurs during the game. Official scorers are chosen by Major League Baseball and are tied to a particular team's home

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