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Fallback on older API versions to allow limited functionality on older OS versions
by Oli in Mobile Programming

I am considering to use a function that was introduced in an iPhone OS version (say 4.0), but I may still want to support devices with older versions and just disable that function.

What would be the best practice for doing this? Is it even allowed?

How to Look Older
by Alpha0mega in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
One day you'll be thankful to have a baby face. But as a teenager, it is really annoying when people mistake you for a 12-year-old. Small changes to your make-up, hair and wardrobe make all of the difference. Look your real age and learn to look older.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Wear make-up that looks natural. Stick to neutral colors that highlight your natural beauty. A simple brow
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How to Look Older (for Men)
by patheems in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
For a while, in my teens, I was at the age where I wanted to look older. Then, when I got older, I wanted to look younger. Now, I just don't care. But for those young men wanting to look older, here's how to do it.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions **Put Your Best Face Forward**Your face is the window to the world, the first thing people see and notice about you. It communicates
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How to get older SDK and do I need to?
by walkur in Mobile Programming

I have OS 10.6 on my mac. I started with iphone SDK for snow lepard which builds for SDK 3.0 to 3.1.2. I'm ready to submit my app to the store. I'd like older iphones to use it as well. I can't find Apple's link for SDK 2.2. Only the link for the 3.1 sdk.

Do I need to release the app built with 2.2 ? If so where can I find it?

Can iphone users update the OS on thei

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How to Get an Older Guy to Like You
by Hosein Mohtasham in Relationships & Family
Dating older men seems to be a trend. Many women want guys who are more mature, worldly and financially secure. If you want to get an older guy to like you, be sure to know ahead of time where you expect the relationship to go.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Share some common interests. It will be a lot easier to get an older guy to like you if the both of you have something to talk abou
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How to Buy an Older Car
by Dré in Cars
Some people may buy an older to save money; however, the term "older" may differ by definition when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Assuming that you want to purchase a cheaper car that you can pay for with cash, you'll have to take extra steps to safeguard yourself against mechanical problems. If purchasing a vehicle from a dealership that does not come with a warranty, the vehicle must at leas
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HD TVs vs. Older TVs
by jaset in Electronics
HDTVs have gradually taken over the market since the mid-2000s. It is not uncommon to find households that have completely done away with their old cathode-ray-tube TVs in their kitchens and bedrooms and upgraded to an HDTV in every room. The lightweight, space-saving nature of HDTVs, as well as advantages in picture and audio quality, make HDTVs more desirable. For those who may not be able to
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Getting Older PHP Extensions
by danil in PHP

It happens that I need the GD, SQLite and a few more extensions for php 5.1. But I can't find out where to get them.

I am using WinBinder to develop some desktop applications for Windows with php. The minimal php 5.1 pack has the winbinder extension only. I need other extensions for enhanced features like image editing or data storage.

Can anybody help? I really need thi

How to Install an HHO on an Older Car
by Deledrius in Cars
Older vehicles can accommodate HHO, or Oxyhydrogen, more easily than fuel-injected models. Using simple hardware, the HHO device can be connected to the carburetor easily; the carburetor must be adjusted mechanically for a lean burn after the device is connected. The average backyard mechanic can install an HHO generator into a carburetor-equipped car in about an hour.Difficulty:ModerateInstructio
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Gifts for Men Older Than 35
by Danny in Holidays & Celebrations
Everyone loves to be spoiled a little bit on their birthdays, but once a man reaches adulthood it can be more challenging to know how to do it. It may no longer be appropriate to give him gifts such as T-shirts featuring cartoon characters or a new deck for his longboard. A man who is 35 or older has more deeply developed interests and has had enough experience to appreciate the finer things in li
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