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How to change input placeholder color javascript onmouseover, change placeholder value onmouseover?
by nipplefish in Javascript

1) I would change the input placeholder color in some condition using javascript (not CSS if it will change the placeholder color forever)
2) And I want that the placeholder change to another placeholder onmouseover the input box.
I got this function:

email.style.borderColor = "#FF0000";
email.setAttribute('placeholder',"Plea… fill this r

by Caomai in Web Design

Two issues I am having.

The mouseover function is very FAST and it's definitely not working properly. I made a separate function for the onmouseout state, but it didnt help.
The class changes properly, however it stays changed and doesn't go back to it's original class. It depends if the link is on the selected page. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated


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How to Use an OnMouseOver Tag
by Georgia in Internet
One way to add visual interest to the links on your website is to add an "OnMouseOver" effect. This changes the way a link appears when a visitor hovers his cursor over the link. When the visitor removes it, he will experience another effect. In order to do this, you must use an OnMouseOver tag. You can only use this special tag if your website features HTML capabilities.Difficulty:EasyInstruction
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How to Use OnMouseOver in ASP.NET
by Vrki in Internet
When Internet users move their cursors over regular HTML controls, those controls can change their appearance. Developers call this change a client-side "onmouseOver" event. It occurs in a user's browser and requires no communication with the a Web server. If you are an ASP.NET developer, you may find it difficult to create this onmouseOver effect. ASP.NET server controls do not run in a user's br
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onmouseover bugged
by onurtopcu in Web Design
function setSubStyle( objId, objTag, propertyObject )
var elem = document.getElementById(objId);
var elemTag = elem.getElementsByTagName(objTag);
for (var i=0; i<elemTag.length; i++)
elemTag[i].onmouseover = function() { this.style.opacity = '0.7'; }
elemTag[i].onmouseout = function() { this.style.opacity = '1'; }
for (var prop

onmouseover is Not Working
by wafe in Web Design
.h,.e {list-style-type: none; float:left;}
.h div,.e div{background-color:gray; padding:2px 20px;margin:1px;}
#h1,#e1{background-color:yellow; padding:2px 20px;margin:5px; visibility:hidden;

<li class="h">
<div id="h">Home</div>
<ul class="h1" id="h1"><l

onmouseover incorrect
by denis280 in Web Design

I would like to hover over text "Me" and for it to pop up with "You".

<div class="relative">
<p onmouseover="document.getElementById('toolTipDiv').className='activeToolTip'"
<div id="toolTipDiv" class="idleToolTip">You.</div>

Asp.net HyperLink OnMouseOver
by Barak in Programming Languages

How would I change or mask the URL when I hover over a hyperlink.

I was able to change the color but not the URL.

StatementsHyperlink.Attributes.Add("onmouseover", "this.style.color="red"");

Can Onmouseover be used outside a Hyperlink?
by lxskllr in Web Design

I'd like to build onmouseover directly into a javascript block. I can do it within a hyperlink but I need to do it in the actual script section for the code im writing. Can I do object.onMouseOver()? Or is there another way to do it?
So for example I'd like

something i can put in here that will make on mouseover work on a specific object

How to get an image onmouseover
by yaplik in Programming Languages

I am using an image by default But i need the image only when i am doing my mouse over option
This is the div In which Ihave the image

<div style="float:left; height:90px; width:90px; background-color:#CCCC99"
style="display:block" onmouseover="return mouseOver();" >
<img src=<?=base_url()?>images/m11on.gif name=b1 width=90

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