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Is the Empty Base Class Optimization now a mandatory optimization (at least for standard-layout classes)?
by ShiggityShaw in Programming Languages

According to C++11 9.1/7 (draft n3376), a standard-layout class is a class that:

has no non-static data members of type non-standard-layout class (or array of such types) or reference,

has no virtual functions (10.3) and no virtual base classes (10.1),

has the same access control (Clause11) for all non-static data members,

has no n

mongodb micro-optimization of batch inserts ? or is this an important optimization?
by Longchao Dong in Databases

premise : update statements are harmless since the driver by default works in one way messaging (as long as getLastError isn't used).

question Is the following fragment the best way to do this in mongodb for high volume inserts ? Is it possible to fold step 2 and 3 ?

edit : old buggy form , see below

// step 1 : making sure the top-level docum

Risk-Parity Portfolio Optimization using Extreme Optimization in C#
by surfsatwerk in C & C++ & C#

I'm trying to create a risk-parity portfolio in C# using the Extreme Optimization routines.

I'm mostly trying them out to see if I like them or not before I buy them (I'm a student so money is tight).

My idea was to implement this new kind of portfolio optimization called risk-parity. It basically says that in order to diversify your portfolio you should give equal risk

How to get better at optimization?
by tontod in Network & Servers

In advance apologize if the question seems somewhat broad or strange, I don't mean to offend anyone, but maybe someone can actually make a recommendation. I tried looking for the similar questions, but cold not.

Which are the better resources (books, blogs etc.) that can teach about optimizing code?

There is quite a few resources on making code more human-readable (Code

How to get gcc -O1 optimization without specifying -O1
by kiirpi in Programming Languages

I know that -O1 automatically turns on certain flags. These flags can be turned on manually though. If I don't specify -O1, it should still be possible to get -O1 optimization by specifying all the flags that -O1 turns on.

I tried

-fthread-jumps -fcprop-registers -fguess-branch-probability

but it still does not do -O1 optimization. I can tell w

Optimization? `i--` vs. `i++`
by monkee in Development Tools & Services

I was going through some JavaScript code when a loop structure caught my eye. It wasn't anything particularly special, rather it iterated in a manner different from what I do. When I need to loop something that isn't dependent on order, I typically count up, iterating from beginning to end, like so:

// I feel like I'm going in circles
} while
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Optimization! - What is it? How is it done?
by Nate Childers in Development Tools & Services

Its common to hear about "highly optimized code" or some developer needing to optimize theirs and whatnot. However, as a self-taught, new programmer I've never really understood what exactly do people mean when talking about such things.

Care to explain the general idea of it? Also, recommend some reading materials and really whatever you feel like saying on the matter. Feel free to

Optimization in GCC
by uo7 in Programming Languages

I have two questions:

(1) I learned somewhere that -O3 is not recommended with GCC, because

The -O3 optimization level may increase the speed of the resulting executable, but can also increase its size. Under some circumstances where these optimizations are not favorable, this option might actually make a program slower. in fact it should not be used system-wide with

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Need Help regarding Optimization
by Shailja in Programming Languages

First of all I am an autodidact so I don't have great know how about optimization and stuff. I created a social networking website.

It contains 29 tables right now. I want to extend its functionality by adding things like yellow pages, events etc to make it more like a portal.

Now the question is should I simply add the tables in the same database or should I use a diffe

css optimization
by Mpalle in Development Tools & Services

I noticed that digg.com and google.com are using kind of css optimization in their gif header image. for example digg uses this image http://digg.com/img/menu-current.gif .

can any one give me an idea why they are using this technique and how to do it in my own site?


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