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Interface options between WCF/REST web service, Entity Framework, and a WebForms front end: what are my options?
by XLNC in Programming Languages

I just got off a small project using a WCF/REST Web Service that used Entity Framework to access a database, apply some minor business logic, and pass the results to .NET Webforms front end. That worked pretty well, but the initial design was thrown together without a lot of time to investigate options, and now I'm being asked to do another very similar project. I have a bit more time now to se

Cakephp:How to validate my select options so that it restricts duplication of options selcted
by Massachusetts in Programming Languages

I have a selection drop down menu, and I want the user to select two options for a field in the database. The problem is how do I make it to disallow duplication of select options, currenly it's saving all options even when they are the same.

Code in my add.ctp for the select options is:

echo $this->Form->select("ProgrammeChoice.programme_code.0",$finals);

jQuery chained select options overwriting default options on load
by errornosignal in Web Design

How can I get this sequence to fire when a user takes action instead of on load?


I have three <select> menus chained together: country, region, city. The options presented in region depend on the value selected in country, and the options presented in city depend on the value selected in in region. For example, if you select "United S

CSS - how to display submenu options horizontally while maintaining spacing of horizontal main menu options
by liganic in Web Design

I have a menu working fairly well but can't figure out how to make the 2nd level submenu display horizontally instead of vertically. The whole menu needs to be only 2 rows, so hovering over the top row should display the submenu options horizontally on the 2nd row. See it here live.


option1 option2 option3

Do Stock Options Granted to Employees Differ From Equity Options?
by nonkelhans in Personal Finance
Stock options are contracts allowing the holder the right, but not the obligation, to purchase or to sell a specified amount of a company's stock at a specified price during a specified period of time. Employee stock options are often used to compensate and incentivize management. Although the mechanics of employee stock options are similar to standardized exchange traded stock options, they typ

How does one extract the sequence of parsed options using Boost Program Options?
by TreVader in Programming Languages

I'm building a graph generator using Boost Graph and Program Options. There are, for example, two types of components C and W, each with 1 source, 1 sink and some additional parameters to specify topology in between. I'd like to be able to stitch them together in the sequence provided by the order of the command line arguments.

For example:

./bin/make_graph -c4,5,1 -w

How to enforce required command-line options with NDesk.Options?
by iyogee in Programming Languages

I was just writing a console utility and decided to use NDesk.Options for command-line parsing. My question is, How do I enforce required command-line options?

I see in the docs that:

options with a required value (append '=' to the option name) or an optional value (append ':' to the option name).

However, when I put a = at the end of the opt

Add custom attributes to <select> options generated with Angular's ng-options
by massmedia in Web Design

With Bootstrap, you can very nicely define tooltips for <select> options (stackoverflow.com), while Angular can conveniently generate and bind options with the ngOptions attribute on a <select> element.

However, how can I add attributes to these generated option elements that can then be used by Bootstrap's tooltip plugin?

Explanation and all options for $options in Symfony form builder
by Steve M in Programming Languages

I have tried a lot and could be able to find what are the various available options which i can use for $options in array for form builder.

I know that options are different for


But could not be able to find what are those for these categories and their explanations


Do Currency Options Work Differently Than Stock Options?
by Vytautas in Personal Finance
Currency options operate in much the same manner as other forms of options, such as stock and bond options. The fundamental nature of currency options is similar, however, there are important factors that differentiate currency options from other option forms. These factors are key to the efficient operation of the foreign exchange marketplace. FunctionCurrency options are contracts that allow

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