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How to encode a number as a string such that the lexicographic order of the generated string is in the same order as the numeric order
by FrankSaucedo in Development Tools & Services

For eg. if we have two strings 2 and 10, 10 will come first if we order lexicographically.

The very trivial sol will be to repeat a character n number of time.

eg. 2 can be encoded as aa
10 as aaaaaaaaaa
This way the lex order is same as the numeric one.

But, is there a more elegant way to do this?

Order results from one MySQL table by another, which is saving multiple values into the order field
by KingGuppy in Programming Languages

I'm trying to solve a MySQL problem, I have two tables:

POSTS (COLUMNS: _id, _category, _title, _text)

_category field in POSTS is LONGTEXT and can have multiple CATEGORIES _ID's separated only by , using implode(",") PHP function.

I try to list with PHP the 10 mos

magento - display a custom attribute in sales order screen and new order mail
by Thomas Gueze in Programming Languages

In my sales order screen and new order mail, I would like to show a custom attribute (kledingmaat) (this is a dropdown attribute).

I use the following code (found on another page on stackoverflow; I am not a programmer):

$_product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($this->getProduct()->getId());
echo $_product->getA

magento auto order creation using credit card payment not saving order
by William Burke in Programming Languages

I created a Magento auto create order script, and it works fine when i set the payment method to purchase order, when i try to use credit card it don't create the order.

i use cc info as below but it now works

$orderPayment = Mage::getModel('sales/order_payment')

Can I specify the order of how changes happen in an single App Engine transaction ? Is it equal to the order of the list of arguments?
by DeadFred in Web Design

If I passed a list of key ids as an argument in a transaction, would the change associated with the first key in the list happen first? And if not, how do I specify the order that I want the changes to happen in?

As a concrete example, consider this code below from Google Docs Transactions--would changes to the first item in acc.key() happen first?

class Accumulator(d

Order a data frame's rows according to a target vector that specifies the desired order
by Christian Seitzer in Programming Languages

I think I'm missing something really obvious here, but I just can't put my finger on it ;-)

Is there an easier way to ensure that a data frame's rows are ordered according to a "target" vector as the one I implemented in the short example below?

df <- data.frame(name=letters[1:4], value=c(rep(TRUE, 2), rep(FALSE, 2)))
> df
name value
1 a TRU

Magento - Where are Order Item details for Order, Invoice, Creditmemo and Shipment Pdfs
by showb1z in Development Tools & Services

I need to access Order Item Details (eg SKU) for Order, Invoice, Creditmemo and Shipment Pdfs. I cant locate where to access it. Any help would be appreciated.


Order <form:error path=“*”/> messages so their order isn't random
by Vick Aita in Web Design

When I do a <form:errors path="*"/> my errors are always shown in a random order.
Now I was wondering how I could display them in a set order.

What I mean with random is:
fields: field1, field2, field3
output 1: field2, field1, field3
output 2: field 3, field 2, field 1

How to validate Xades-t message when the order of the attributes in the x509SubjectName differ from the order in the certificate
by kpkp in Web Design

At the moment I'm trying to validate messages from a third party.
The problem I'm having is that the chain of trust can't be created.
The reason is that order of the items in the subject name (X509SubjectName) are different in the certificate as they are when you extract them from included certificate.

Per example:
In the xades-t message the x509SubjectName tag has:<

preg_match to get mp3 and mp4 filenames in file extension order then in filename order from an external webpage?
by rbrewer in Programming Languages

I am new to PHP. I have tried many times and cannot come up with the search pattern to get all the mp3 and mp4 files name from an external HTML. The list of files is in file extension order than the file name order. I would appreciate if any help.

$file = '';
$searchfor = '<a herf';
echo $searchfor;
// the following line prevents th


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