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How to handle View while changing orientation? And how to display previous orientation data in In new orientation , without recreating?
Category : Programming Languages

Hi dude I created different UI's for portrait mode and landscape, How can I load in run time.?
I mean while changing orientation re creating the Activity I don't want to recreate it , How can I get previous data and display it in changed orientation?

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Orientation is working but data size is not fit on the screen. Pasted code is the function of orientation
Category : Web Design

Orientation is working but data size is not fit on the screen.

function doOnOrientationChange()
var hhei= 0;
case -90:
hhei= ($(document).height())*2.0/4;
case 90:
hhei= ($(do

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Can I force a specific layout orientation, but have an opposite keyboard orientation? Android
Category : Android

I understand how to force a specific orientation per activity in the android manifest. I would like to know if it is possible to allow the keyboard to change orientation even though the activity(the layout really) must remain unchanged.

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android Webview orientation issue, when change orientation then application restart and show the page from start
Category : Programming Languages

hi i am facing android Webview orientation issue, when change orientation then application restart and show the page from start. I am reading different answere but no solution work me that why i am giving the my code here. kindly any android developer help me and tell me where i edit my code or add something

package com.example.edarabia;
import android.annotation.SuppressLin

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How to detect abnormal magnetic field/orientation readings and recalibrate orientation sensor (compass reset)?
Category : Programming Languages

We are trying to develop an app that uses compass information, and facing a similar problem on the Droid Incredible [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSDpHksACRc][at time-2:02].

my prob is similar to the link:http://androidforums.com/incredible-support-troubleshooting/73860-compass-calibration.html

I have tested my app with nexus one also and its working fine in it

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iPad device orientation // interface orientation on application starting
Category : Programming Languages

We've an iPad application. It supports all the interface orientation.

It works perfectly, but after download the last version of the XCODE,
- when the application starts with didFinishLaunchingWithOptions
- or execute the event applicationDidBecomeActive

Althought the device orientation was in landscape mode the interface turns always to the portrait mode.

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Android - vertical orientation works, horizontal orientation blank
Category : Programming Languages

I am implementing a ViewPagerIndicator that works as expected in vertical orientation. When I test in horizontal orientation, either by switching at run-time (physically turning the phone) or when the app starts in horizontal mode (phone was horizontal before the app started) I get a blank white space where the ViewPagerIndicator should be. I have a layout/main.xml and layout-land/main.xml with

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Portrait orientation when run iPhone and landscape orientation for iPad cocos2d
Category : Mobile Programming

I have an idea about game, it's universal app. It can run on iPhone with portrait orientation, otherwise landscape orientation for iPad.

But, i don't know how to setup it ?

Please help me. Thanks advance !

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Android: Record video in the same orientation regardless of device orientation
Category : Programming Languages

On my Android 2.3 device, the standard camera app always records a video in same orientation regardless how the device is rotated. If you record a video in landscape mode, it always records the video with the same orientation even if you turn it upside down. Same for portrait mode. However, if you rotate the video while recording, you will get it upside down, which is what one expects. The came

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How to keep TabHost at portrait orientation and listen for configChanges (orientation)
Category : Programming Languages

Could you advise how to keep TabHost with all tabs at portrait screen orientation and at the same time listen for configChanges = orientation? I am going to show another activity when orientation is changed.

Seems to me configChanges (orientation) event does not fire when screenOrientation is set to portrait mode.

Thanks for any help.

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