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fix inner div at the top of outer div and when scrolling outer div, prevent inner div overflowing on the outer div
by TreVader in Web Design

I have been trying to fix a inner div at the top of an outer div.

1.The inner div should have a wider width than the outer div

2.The outer div is scrollable and inner div should remain at the top of the outer div while scrolling.

My problem is that the inner div longer stays inside the outer div.

<div id="ScheduleHolder" style="height:100px;

java inner/outer class questions about outer class private variables access
by Rob in Programming Languages

I have the following java class:

class Outer
private Integer a;
private Long b;
class Inner
public void foo()
System.out.println("a and b are " + a + " " + b);

when I run javap on Outer and Outer$Inner, I get the following:

Can we access inner function outside its scope of outer function in python using outer function?
by Ohio in Programming Languages

Just for the sake of curiosity I wanna know this..
I know scope of inner function is limited to outer function body only, but still is there any way so that we can access the inner function variable outside its scope or call the inner function outside its scope ?

In [7]: def main():
...: def sub():
...: a=5
...: print a

How can one get reference to the outer class from inner class not using outer class name?
by Jesse McDowell in Programming Languages

Here is the sample code:

Class SomeClass extends Activity {
public void someMethod() {
Runnable r = new Runnable() {
public void run() {
Intent service = new Intent(SomeClass.this, SomeOtherClass.class);
// ...

How can I change

Why Is My Outer Ear Hot?
by vb.net in Health
If your outer ear feels hot, that might seem to be an unusual symptom, but it is not as uncommon as you might think. There are several conditions that may cause your outer ear to feel warm. InfectionA hot outer ear may be the result of an ear infection. Consumer Reports tells readers of their website ConsumerReports.org that some people suffer from this condition chronically, while others have
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How Do I Tell If the Inner Tie Rod Is Bad or the Outer Is Bad?
by nascentmind in Cars
Inner and outer tie rod connections operate in harmony and are responsible for the overall maneuvering of a car. Tie rods are greased on the ends when they are installed or replaced; grease lubricates the tie rod as it sits within the joints and sockets of the underbelly of the car. As lubrication decreases and/or as the car racks up usage and mileage, the tie rods risk breakage and throwing the c
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Inner Div Pushing Outer Div
by Tashi in Web Design

I've been trying to figure out this puzzle for the longest time. I'm trying to simulate a traditional HTML table tree structure using divs with table, tr and then td.

Firefox and Google Chrome behaves as I want but for some reason each CoreTableRow isn't getting pushed down to accommodate the height of the inner CoreTableCell divs in IE.

The below code is completely stan

Scrolling a div from an outer div
by nascentmind in Web Design

Check out the small html structure sample below for context. Check out this fiddle for and example of the problem.

Short explanation for fiddle users:

Scroll left - vertical scroll bar not visible
Scroll right - vertical visible
I want the vertical scroll bar always visible
Requirement - The header must remain fixed (visible while scrolling)

Long expl

How to Add Outer Glow in CS4
by Kneedragger in Computers
An outer glow can be applied to a selected layer in Photoshop. It creates a glowing outline around an element to make it more prominent. You can apply a variety of features to an outer glow in Adobe Photoshop CS4. The opacity level lets you lighten or darken the outer glow, while the noise level lets you apply smudging. You can also customize the outer glow's color, size, edge, shape and distance
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How to Repair an Outer Tie Rod
by China in Cars
The outer tie rod is also known as a tie rod end. The outer tie rod connects the inner tie rod to the steering knuckle and provides the pivot point that pulls or pushes the wheel when the wheel is turned. The vehicle will need to be taken to an alignment shop after the outer tie rod has been changed, as it will disrupt the vehicle wheel alignment.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Ne
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