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How to configure stereo outputs of a soundcard as two seperate outputs and send audio to each from different audio inputs?
by slippysoup in Web Design

I am trying to send audio data to the right and left output channels of a soundcard's output port seperately. The right and left channels should get data from two different audio sources.. Is it possible with NAudio?

Different outputs when using <%= %>
by loki8481 in Programming Languages

To get fully qualified path of application I have wrote a function:

public class Generic
public static string FullyQualifiedApplicationPath
//Return variable declaration
string appPath = string.Empty;
//Getting the current context of HT

php outputs � instead of -
by mikko in Programming Languages

for example when i retrieve from database the word program's instead of program's what would be shown is program�s. ' and - changes to �. how can i fix this?

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How to Fix Pre-Amp Outputs
by Bobblegate in Cars
Manufacturers of aftermarket automobile stereos, such as Pioneer, Alpine, Dual and JVC, produce stereos featuring pre-amp outputs. Pre-amp outputs, located on the back of the stereo, allow for simple connectivity to an external amplifier using an RCA patch cable. Connecting an amplifier to your vehicle's stereo system is beneficial because it allows for louder, distortion-free sound. An amplifier
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Excel VBA Different Outputs
by robvp in Programming Languages

I am using a big excel file (nearly 4000 rows & 65 Columns) for VBA Code. I am also using a lot for filters for output. It takes about a minute to prepare number of report. It is very interesting, that when I don't click tabs and sheets while the VBA code is executing the results are accurate, but if I click tabs and sheets while VBA code execution, the results are not accurate. Please help

Outputs all minus one
by kema in Programming Languages

I use this code to output all threads with a specific forum ID

$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM forums JOIN threads ON threads.fid = forums.id WHERE forums.id = ".intval($_GET['forumID']));
$forum = mysql_fetch_assoc($query);
<h1><a>Forums</a> &gt; <?=$forum['name']?></h1>
<?php while ($thread = mysql_fetch_arr
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Having trouble with outputs
by Enzo in Development Tools & Services

My program is set up with two EditTexts where a person can put in a number or a string, and the result is supposed to come up with a result, which is displayed in a TextView. However, when I run the program, it doesn't want to work. Nothing is displayed in the TextView.

int department;
String name;
Button search;
TextView display;
public void o

PHP strtotime() outputs nothing
by Icyflash in Coding

Here is my PHP code:

echo '<br />1. '.$w_time_no;
echo '<br />2. '.strtotime($w_time_no);
echo '<br />3. '.date('G:i', strtotime($w_time_no));

That's what I get:

1. 0000-00-00 22:00:00
3. 2:00

Why strtotime() outputs nothing by itself? Is there something wrong with server settings? S

Python outputs CR CR LF?
by maximumbob in Programming Languages

I am in the process of writing a testing script that will simply run an *.EXE file with a few arguments, and then output the result to a file. I have one *.sh testing script that correctly runs the tests (but requires manual updating for more tests). The lines in this script look like this:

blah.exe arg1 arg2 arg3 > ../test/arg4/arg4.out

I have written a

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Concatenation of awk outputs
by Indiana in Web Design

I'm using regex to parse NMAP output. I want the ip addresses which are up with the corresponding ports open. Now I've a very naive method of doing that:

awk '/^Scanning .....................ports]/ {print substr ($2,1,15);}' results.txt
awk '/^[0-9][0-9]/ {print substr($1,1,4);}' results.txt | awk -f awkcode.awk

where awkcode.awk contains the code to ex


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