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Merging and splitting overlapping rectangles to produce non-overlapping ones
by William Burke in Development Tools & Services

I am looking for an algorithm as follows:

Given a set of possibly overlapping rectangles (All of which are "not rotated", can be uniformly represented as (left,top,right,bottom) tuplets, etc...), it returns a minimal set of (non-rotated) non-overlapping rectangles, that occupy the same area.

It seems simple enough at first glance, but prooves to be tricky (at least to be

Dividing a set of overlapping ranges into a set of non - overlapping ones
by Twista in Web Design

I have an array of overlapping ranges:

var ranges = [{
"from": 0,
"to": 100
}, {
"from": 50,
"to": 200
}, {
"from": 0,
"to": 100
}, {
"from": 70,
"to": 200
}, {
"from": 90,
"to": 300

I need to convert it into a set of non - overlapping ranges

Overlapping DIV
by cautionsign in Web Design

Can anyone tell me how to fix the DIV Overlap here


The Video Source 1 and Video Source 2 buttons are overlapping on the title bar.

**Note, also, for some reason...if I put float:left; in the span.sources, the hyperlink on the buttons disappear, any thoughts on that?

Edit ** Problem has been fixed.

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Div's overlapping
by onurtopcu in Web Design

So I have a forum and when the forum fills up enough, the 2 inner divs 'break through' the main white div. Any idea why? I just want them to be in each other with small 5px borders. This is my Css which shows what I'm trying to do.


#white {
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Div's overlapping :
by sdifox in Web Design

I have a list of div pairs: MainDiv's and infPanel Divs. I need to put infPanel div's upon MainDiv and eliminate distance between MainDiv's.
The best decision that I see is to set image in MainDiv with background option and just put infPanel inside MainDiv, but because of some technical requirements it is better to post image through just tag.

Another solution is

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Paint not overlapping
by Hugo Hernan Buitrago Rios in Programming Languages

I'm working on an app on android that will paint using your fingers (app like DrawSomething).
I can't overlap the paint with opacity. And when I change the color, all of the paint will have the same color.

SurfaceView svCanvas;
SurfaceHolder holder;
float x,y;
Paint paint;
Path path;
Canvas canvas;
Thread t;
Boolean bool;
Graphics - overlapping bug or what?
by Keeper in Programming Languages

I have quite a big code here... But fortunately it is not needed to be mentioned at all. It comes down to something which... fails? So, in the end this is supposed to draw two triangles (using AS3 Graphics). It works fine with one, but when I put a second there, it looks weird. I trace debugged it, and I think the bug is in the Graphics - this is my output for the actual points drawn:

Path overlapping
by 007ELmO in Programming Languages

I'm making an application that draws the path you followed the GPS, for what will need to paint lines serve wide (paint with 40 of stroke), not the typical hairline, the problem is that I need to spend 2 times the same site or overlaps a part of the path on the other distinguished in some way. At first he used lines (canvas.drawline) to connect the dots and line out setAlpha translucent and you

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How define overlapping on wpf
by Verbal in Development Tools & Services

I try to solve how can define an object overlap on other object at runtime
in my senario a timer begin to counting and polyline in evry tick get new position
if the new position on ToggleButton TODO//

i'm use some togglebutton and polyline on a grid like bottom:

<Grid Grid.Column="2" Grid.Row="2" Margin="0" Name="grid1" Width="600" Height="480"&

Css layout overlapping
by Mutilator in Web Design

Hello i am trying to get my columns in css to go down the page. Im new to css but know some css for messing around with things.

My columns are sat next to each other like so

collum1 collum2

I am trying to make them go down the page like so


But seems not wanting to move...

Here is my page source for the l


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