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The Financial Responsibility of Owners of a Corporation vs. Owners of a Partnership
by wpoch in Business
When an individual or group of people come together to form a business, one of the first tasks they are faced with is to decide how to structure the enterprise. They must deal with questions of ownership, business plan, personal liability and tax structure. States provide a variety of options from incorporation to partnership, as well as hybrid structures that may be suitable depending on the spec

When Can You Sue the Owners of an LLC?
by Londo_Jowo in Business
Limited liability companies are creations of state law, which means that state law governs the legal rights of the owners of an LLC. In every state, while the details vary, the general rule is that limited liability company owners are not liable personally for LLC debts or obligations. However, every state has a few significant exceptions to the general rule which may allow you to sue the owner of
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Get Owners Name
by Pedro Varela in Programming Languages

I'm porting an iPhone game to Windows Phone 7, and I'm wondering how I would go about getting the phone's name? Like, on the iPhone it would be the name you had set it to in iTunes, and that's also readable in the API with (obj-c..) [[UIDevice currentDevice] name]..

Anyone know the equivalent WP7 .NET methods/properties? I can't find them on MSDN.

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Gifts for New Dog Owners
by luci5r in Holidays & Celebrations
If you're shopping for someone who recently got a dog, consider yourself lucky: Dog owners need lots of items, especially if this is their first pet. Many people also love to spoil their pets, so they will enjoy getting items for their dog. Consider buying anything from dog toys to training tools to gift certificates for pet-care services. Essentials BasketFill a basket with all sorts of essent
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How to Locate the Owners of an LLC
by Matt Willtrout in Business
Finding information about the owners of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can vary in difficulty depending on the amount and detail of information the LLC releases about itself. In some instances, finding this information is as easy as visiting the company's website, while in other cases, it becomes necessary to search government databases to find specific names. Each state government maintains a
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Gifts for Pug Owners
by Pottuvoi in Holidays & Celebrations
According to the American Kennel Club, pugs were the 17th most popular breed of dog in the United States in 2009. These energetic little dogs are known for their pushed-in faces and their loyalty to owners. There are several gift ideas that any pug lover will enjoy for several years to come. Pug Pictures and PortraitsHelp the pug lover immortalize his dog by giving him pug photographs. Offer to
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Gifts for New Cat Owners
by Sankarsan Bose in Pets
When bringing a cat home for the first time, some new cat owners purchase only the essential supplies needed at that time. These supplies are usually cat food, water bowls, kitty litter and a litter box. Consequently, there are a number of gifts that can be given to new owners that will ensure the cat is comfortable and well taken care of. Grooming suppliesMany new owners use grooming as a me
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Can There Be Co-Owners on a 529 Plan?
by qba73 in Personal Finance
A 529 plan is an investment tool designed to save and invest money for future college expenses. There are a number of reasons that a person may want to have co-owners for a 529 plan, which are generally set up by parents or grandparents. However, this option is not available for all plans. Before choosing a 529 plan that allows co-owners, a person should consider the advantages and disadvantages o
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Rules for IRA Owners
by PenguinPower in Personal Finance
Uncle Sam does not reserve tax breaks solely for big businesses. The IRS offers individual taxpayers several tax advantages through Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Not only do you enjoy tax-deferred growth in an IRA account--meaning that your earnings are not taxed every year as they would be in a taxable account--but, depending on the type of IRA you own, you also will receive tax benefits
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What Are Owners Liable for in an LLC?
by vi edit in Business
Owners of a business choosing to set up a limited liability company (LLC) are typically looking for the limitation on exposure to the liability of other owners. While an LLC provides such limitation, there are still liabilities for each owner, based on his relationship to the LLC. Establishing an LLC provides the business with an identity that is recognized in the legal arena as well as the public
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