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Issue with Macosx meta-packages referecing packages built with iceberg and packages
by cengel4 in Development Tools & Services

I want to build a meta-package referencing packages.
Some of these packages were built with iceberg, the other were built with packages.

Unfortunately, the packages built with packages cannot be imported from iceberg. And the reverse is also true.

Also, I noticed that the pkg files were slightly different since the ones generated with iceberg are seen as directories

Indy TCPServer doesn't receive all packages from TCPClient when sending packages too frequently
by AndyD2k in Programming Languages

I have a problem with Indy TCP connection. I use Turbo Delphi 2006 with Indy 10.
I want to send multiple TCP packages from idTCPClient to idTCPServer.

It works finely, when I want to send only one package, or I insert a sleep(100) command between two calls of the function. But if I call this function too frequently, it doesn't call the server's onExecute every time.

Detailed description of “Known IDE Packages” to safely remove unused packages
by Dan in Programming Languages

I'm doing some cleanup in my Delphi XE2 IDE in order to minimize the loaded packages and as a consequence of less things in the IDE try to make it a little more stable (man, how it crashes).

The main reason for doing this was that the Refactor shortcuts was conflictling with other tools I use and usually when I hit a refactor shortcut by mistake the IDE wold load a lot of stuff and

How can I list the minimal set of Debian packages needed to recreate a set of installed packages?
by BHZ-GTR in Operating Systems

Is there a way of getting dpkg, apt-get or aptitude to produce a list of the packages which need to be installed on a second machine to duplicate the packages installed on a first?

i.e. If I've installed a plain Ubuntu server, chose the sshd option at install time, then installed build-essential I would expect the output to look something like:

#ubuntu 9.10 server

.gitignore NuGet exclude packages/ include packages/repositories.config
by reflexiv in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to create a .gitignore for a Visual Studio project that uses NuGet. It currently contains:


This does not ignore anything in the folder. Everything gets staged on an add. I have also tried:


This ignores everything in the pac

Make virtualenv inherit specific packages from your global site-packages
by Vick Aita in Programming Languages

I'm looking for a way to make a virtualenv which will contain just some libraries (which i chose) of the base python installation.

To be more concrete, I'm trying to import my matplotlib to virtualenv during the creation of virtualenv. It can't be installed efficiently with pip or easy_install since it misses some fortran compiler libs. The way i did it till now was to manually copy

Creating a secondary site-packages directory (and loading packages from .pth files therein)
by Glenntoy in Programming Languages

I would like to install some packages into a third-party site-packages directory (beyond the standard system locations). Is there any way to set this up such that .pth files therein are respected?

Background: I'm using OS X, virtualenv, and homebrew. There are a few packages (notably wxPython in my case) that do not install nicely through pip into virtualenv. In these c

Installing packages on Android SDK pointing to weird Linux packages
by Brian in Android

I am trying to install a Android 2.3.3 API 10 shown inside the SDK Manager (not some outside package whatsoever) by default.

I click accept and could not install and below is the entire log of what happened that the SDK Manager spilled out:

Fetching https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/repository/addons_list-1.xml
Validate XML
Parse XML
Fetched Add-ons Lis

Java: Possible to consolidate empty subdirectories for packages that only contain other packages?
by Ka0t1x in Programming Languages

Good afternoon, all.

I'm not too hopeful for a "yes" here, but if anyone can figure it out, the folks at SO can.

I have a Java project that has the following package structure:

| |-binarymuse
| |-gwt
| |-client
| | |-ui
| | |-project
| | |-Project.java
| |-Project.gwt.xml

Making R packages for installation by install.packages()
by Ben Humphrys in Programming Languages

What is the difference between .tar.gz or .tgz files installed by R CMD install and install.packages()? I have made an example package with R CMD build, which I can currently install with R CMD install mypackage.tar.gz - and it works fine. I want to be able to install it through the install.packages() fun

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