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HTML text elements have padding that isn't consistent between browsers after setting padding to 0
by Progdis in Web Design

I've given the elements a border so that you can see the inconsistent padding. The only thing I have added is a padding-left to each of the 3 elements. I'm trying to space the headlines vertically with even space between across different browsers. Can't figure it out.

Here is how it looks in Chrome:

Here is how it looks in IE:

mx:Application in Flex 4 Gumbo (beta 2) has padding around the border, I do not want any padding
by bigben2wardpitt in Programming Languages

When I make a new Flex application in Flex 4 beta 2 (Flash Builder), then it creates a border around the outside of the Panel in this example of a thick width. It places a border with a shadow on the bottom and on left and right but not top. I want NO BORDER please.

I must use mx:Application because of some older Flex 3 libraries which require it, cannot use spark.


css - applying padding to box with scroll, bottom-padding doesn't work
by South Korea in Web Design

I can't get bottom-padding to work when I use overflow-y: auto on a box.


<div id="container">
<div id="some_info"></div>


#container {
padding: 3em;
overflow-x: hidden;
overflow-y: auto;
width: 300px;
height: 300px;

CSS: Adjust body padding without effecting background padding?
by Max Derov in Web Design

Currently I have:

padding-right: 75px;
padding-left: 75px;

How can I get the background to act more like this:


How to padding img with dynamic padding inside div with permanently size?
by mikieb in Web Design

I have div width:200px; height:200px this div should be permanently size but is it not.
I want to put inside the div img which I can play with padding 10px or 20px each side depend on the configuration of the user .
the img size is bigger then 200px and indeed it.
my problem is when I play with padding the div not be permanently size it changing according the padding

How to add padding to a reapeating CSS background without padding the content?
by CrimsonGore in Web Design

Is there any way to pad a repeating background image that will not also add padding to the content?

I have a 3 column layout created using floats, and a clearing element to ensure the container is the right height. Here is the code for that:


<div id="container">
<div id="col1" class="col">col 1</div>
<div id="co

How do you specify table padding in CSS? ( table, not cell padding )
by Steve Downing in Web Design

I have a table with a colored background and I need to specify the padding between the table and it's content, I.E. cells.
The table tag doesn't seem to accept a padding value.
Firebug shows the table and tbody's layout with padding 0 but doesn't accept any value entered for them, so I guess they just don't have the padding property.
But the thing is I want the same separation between

padding is not used in ie7
by DOOR3 James in Web Design

I used a padding in select list of gender but its not working in ie7.
its working properly in all browser ie8, firefox, safari but not working
in iee7 i tried a lot but nothing happened...

<div class="clear" style="margin-top:5px; float:left; text-align:right">
<% @sex = [['male', '0'],['female', '1'], ['others', '2']] %>
TAGS : padding used

if not using padding, is there a way to get it?
by NikolaeVarius in Web Design

if foucus the input text box. the cursor is on the top, i want to locate the cursor at the center part, if not using padding-top. how should i do?

IE Ul LI Padding?
by David Porter in Web Design


I am having the hardest time trying to figure out why my last li item is being pushed to the bottom in IE. I have the width, height set for the container. The li has padding/margin to 0. Li is float left. Still being pushed down. Seeking a Guru to help a n00b here.

TAGS : Padding

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