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Node.js find out visitors entry page, current page and exit page?
by cakephp in Web Design

I've written a small server in Node with socket.io, and i want to find out the entry, current and exit -pages. My idea is to store then inside of the user session for later use.

My problem is that i do not know where to get this info, does anyone know?

Query String to redirect from page 1 to page 1 through Page 2( call buttonclick programmatically)
by Broburger in Programming Languages

In Page 1, I have a link. When it is clicked, it should call the same page with different things, which i cannot do.

protected void lnkAddLoc_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
MerchantId = CommonHelper.GetLoggedInMerchant();
string QueryStringValue2 = ApplicationData.URL_MERCHANT_PROFILE +

How to show a different page in a lightBox(Primefaces), then when this page submitted back to the first page?
by Stringjam in Programming Languages

I want to show a different page in a dialog/lightBox(Primefaces) and after that page submitted return back to the first page.

<h:link onclick="createUserDialog.show();" value="Create New User">
<p:dialog widgetVar="createUserDialog" modal="true">
<h:outputLink value="createUser.jsf" >
<ui:include src="createUser.xhtml">&l

How to pass page or master page object to AJAX page method
by Jimmy G. in Web Design

I wrote a page Page method in my aspx page. in web service method I need to call FindControl method return textbox and get text box value. But my findControl will take MasterPage object to iterate.

Please see my code

<script type = "text/javascript">
function ShowCurrentDateTime() {
type: "POST",

Remove page breaks in multi-page tif to make one long page
by Insert_Nickname in Development Tools & Services

I have some tif files with multiple pages that I would like to convert to a single long page. i.e. a file including two pages that are each 8.5x11 would be converted to a resulting file of size 8.5x22. Is there any way to remove the page breaks?

I am not asking how to convert multiple files into a single file.

Keep the html page resized when moving from one page to another page in Mobile devices
by Madmick in Development Tools & Services

I am using responsive design for mobile devices but when I move from one page to another page after resizing or zooming the first page, the second page is not coming with the same zoomed size. That is coming only with its default size. Anyone has idea regarding this??

How to avoid part of 13 column in next page i want to get every page has full value without split into next page?
by kema in Development Tools & Services

How to avoid part of 13 column in next page i want to get every page has full value without split into next page?

opening page X in new tab from page Y.On page X a link opens content in Y. how to change
by Brazen in Software

I got the following situation at the moment.

On site X a link opens a new site in a new tab by the command : location.href... On the new Site Y is a link, which opens new Content in the Site X. this is not good, because some users dont notice where the content of the link in Y appears. what are possible solutions ? changing the tab isnt possible as far as i can see? is it possible t

auto page scroll when page reached 70% of page height using jquery
by Alan Xu in Web Design

I have a page that displays users feeds. I've setup 20 feeds per page and after that users can click on "see more" and it will again display 10 more feeds.

But I want to make it like facebook and twitter where pages are automatically scrolled when we go to the bottom. I have modified my javascript to do the same but it's not working. Any help will be highly appreciated


Determine if a URL is in the header/footer of a web page given URL, page DOM, parent URL and other page URLs
by elmagistral in Programming Languages

Given a URL, the URL of the webpage that first URL is on, the DOM of the webpage, and a list of the rest of the URLs on the webpage how can I reliably determine if the URL is in the header/footer of the page or if it's in neither?

I'm using C#/.NET.

I know that no solution is perfect since webpages are not semantically expressed and also because some websites/pages speci

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