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Ektron pageID in C#
by Spain in C & C++ & C#

I am creating a widget in Ektron CMS400 and I am trying to dynamically pull the page layout ID to then display the title. Currently I have this code:

PageTitle = contentAPI.GetContent(110, Ektron.Cms.Content.EkContent.ContentResultType.Published).Title

I would like to replace the 110 with an actual reference to the ID of the current page ( not content block

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PageId missing in SignedRequest in new C# SDK
by Dariosky in C & C++ & C#

I am unable to get the page Id from Signed Request

I have tried 2 ways:
1. dynamic data = FacebookWebContext.Current.SignedRequest.Data;
It will not contain any info about page
2. Request.Params["signed_request"]
It return null value

Am I missing something here?


invalid campaign missing pageid 0
by artvscommerce in Web Design

I'm trying to retrieve a campaign but I'm getting "invalid campaign 505a03ede4b022fe1d3c3c6e missing pageid 0". This API call is working before. The campaign also exists. The API documentation for retrieving campaign details has not changed as well https://developer.foursquare.com/docs/campaigns/campaigns. May I know the correct parameter to supply?

Please help.


How to get pageID from block in view.php at Concrete5 CMS
by Hai Nguyen in Programming Languages

I want transfer some data from page attributes as GET Request data. URL for request I create in block's view.php. How I can get cID of current page in view.php ?

Get near city pageid from latitude and longitude with Facebook api
by chuck1723 in Programming Languages

I need to set the place in the photo upload. It works if i give the page id of place.
There are 2 ways but doesn't work always.

1- With api search:

'type' => 'place',
'center' => '45.56407, 12.43543',
'distance' => 1000,
'limit' => 100,
'offset' =>

Direct link to Facebook mobile site using pageID
by Simon Dick in Development Tools & Services

graph.facebook.com/cocacola will tell you that the id for the cocacola page is 40796308305.

You can get to the cocacola page using either www.facebook.com/cocacola or www.facebook.com/40796308305.

However, to get to the mobile facebook site m.facebook.com/cocacola works, m.facebook.com/40796308305 doesn't.

For reasons I won't go into I have the pageID, not th

Android how to get `pageid` and `title` `ns` keys from valid JSON data?
by ShortOne in Programming Languages

Here my valid JSON Data

"query": {
"pages": {
"8691": {
"pageid": 8691,
"ns": 0,
"title": "d"

this my data how to get pageid and title values.

EDIT: So I get a JSON

Currently getting PageID from Base class - should I consider getting it from Web Service? Speed? Multiple projects
by Neil Redfern in Programming Languages

I have a specific value e.g. PageID which I am retrieving from the Base Class, for every page visited in the .net 2.0 web application.
There are a few projects, each on its own port, each with its own Base Class, each calling this specific GetPageID function

Now if the proc to get the PageID changed for example, we would need

a field or property with the name 'PageID' was not found on the selected data source - ALIAS
by Vijayant Singh in Programming Languages

my line in gridview

<asp:Label ID="Label2" runat="server" Text='<%# new System.Text.StringBuilder("<a href="/Administration/Pages/EditPage/?pageID=").Append(Eval("PageID")).Append("">").Append(Eval("Name")).Append("</a>").ToString() %>'></asp:Label>

fails with

Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: DataBinding

Jquery-Mobile: Changepage does not work if I specify pageid also I cannot pass data to another page
by tiagoggama in Web Design

Iam using jquery-1.6.4.js ,jquery.mobile-1.0.1,and phonegap. I have not been able to navigate to another page using ChangePage using pageid(#target) of target page. If I user targetpage.html it works fine but target page still does able to receive data.

Following script is called from SourcePage.html


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