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Magento Widget does not show up on CMS pages and product pages, but on the home page and category pages it is visible
by Creig in Development Tools & Services

I have a custom Magento widget showing a list of categories on the bottom. This widget is placed within a static block, and the static block is added to the template.

This is the content of the static block:

test output
{{widget type="mylinks/view" template="mywidgets/mylinks.phtml" parent_category="1"}}

The strange thing is that the widget d

How to make a Facebook Pages Crawler that gather all public pages of a specific country?
by tgwizard in Development Tools & Services

I'm trying to make a Facebook Pages Crawler that gather all public pages of a specific country.
Especially pages that have more than 1000 fans.
How to best manage Facebook API request limit?

How to make PHP / Cakephp database driven pages that are indexed as static pages by Google
by IeraseU in PHP

If you have a database driven website based on PHP / Cakephp , how do you make the database driven pages to look like somesite.html or somesite/ - so that the pages can be indexed by Google

or so that these pages can be directly linked to

Django pagination…slicing pages to show fraction of total pages?
by Mariocki in Web Design

I have the pagination module working for the most part but there's one issue. How can I only show a slice of the total available pages. For example, let's say I'm on page 5 of n pages, I'd want to show.


I believe that Ruby has some fancy front-end magic to accomplish this. Is there anything that I can do within the django module?

How to extract content of web pages easily which are embeded in html pages inside <body>?
by AJacques in Web Design

How to extract content of web pages easily which are embeded in html pages inside only (like img, pdf, flv, doc, rtf, wmc etc) not css and css backgrounds images,javascript.

I'm migrating content old site to new site. re-uploading all images, linked pdf, flv etc.

Querying Google Analytics API for statistics for specific pages (filter by pages)
by bhupesh in Development Tools & Services

This query gives visits by traffic source;

https: //www.google.com/analytics/feeds/data?ids=ga%3A123456&dimensions=ga%3Asource%2Cga%3Amedium&metrics=ga%3Avisits&sort=-ga%3Avisits&start-date=2009-08-12&end-date=2009-08-26&max-results=50

But, when specifying a filter: ga:pagePath==/Default.aspx - I get zero results

https: //www.google.c

Cocoa (Mac Os X) Printing Multiple Pages, Why is Preview Window Displaying 2 pages instead of 1?
by AJ. in Programming Languages

I have a cocoa app I'm working on in which I created a customView that I want to send to the printer. In the subclassed NSView, I set some frame options as well, the code is below. I have 2 global variables to hold printing information declared outside main() function.

- (id)initWithFrame:(NSRect)frame
extern NSPrintInfo *globalPrintInfo;
extern NSPrint

Fetching Publishing Pages from Pages Library in SharePoint 2010 ECMAScript OM
by LukeG in Software

i want to fetch all the pages in a specific Publishing Web using JavaScript and Client Object Model, it keeps giving

The property or field has not been initialized. It has not been requested or the request has not been executed. It may need to be explicitly requested.

Here's the code,

var selectedDoc;
var ctx = new SP.ClientContext.get_current

Is there a way to change Magento dynamic faceted search pages into static pages?
by aaffleck in Programming Languages

I've just been given the task of turning around a site's plummeting SEO. One of their issues is their well ranking deep products have now been cut off due to them now being shown as part of a dynamic faceted search option. It can't and won't be indexed and the faceted search is important to the way they need to display their products.

Magento how to add JS tracking code to specific category pages and checkout pages
by Estonia in Web Design

We are using Floodlight which consist of JS tracking codes that need to be added on individual pages. I need to add a snippet of JS code on the home page, checkout and thank you page. But the biggest problem is, how do I add custom JS code to the category pages?

These pages are dynamic and there are no single template to add for each individual page. I can't find any where in Manage

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