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Bash script to upload first RAR part to ftp, before completion of second part (To Save Time and space)
by JoeKaras in Network & Servers

i was making a bash script for my server which pack some directories with RAR and upload it to other ftp server, so some folders are big and i have to rar them in parts and have to wait for all parts to be rared before uploading them, which consumes lots of time and space

so i want to do it more fast like, upload every rared part on its completion and delete it afterwards automatic

Does it matter where I check part of a composite key when joining in SQL Server using a user-specified value for part of the join?
by Sweden in Databases

(this question is very similar to my previous question Does it matter where I check part of a composite key when joining two tables in SQL Server?)

I'm joining three tables on a composite key, with the value of one of the columns being determined by user input. I'm wondering if it matters where I compare the corresponding columns when I do the joins.

Say I have a table,

Create part-fixed, part-free axis limits on facets with ggplot?
by toutatis in Programming Languages

I'd like to create a faceted plot using ggplot2 in which the minimum limit of the y axis will be fixed (say at 0) and the maximum limit will be determined by the data in the facet (as it is when scales="free_y". I was hoping that something like the following would work, but no such luck:

#Create the underlying data
l <

JavaScript - “variable undefined” in one part of loop, working in a different part
by Mcad in Programming Languages

Using the following code, I'm getting this error RewardPurchases.PurchasesArray[i].Student_Name is undefined:

$('button#random').click( function() {
var Num = Math.floor(Math.random() * Total+1);
for (var i in RewardPurchases.PurchasesArray) {
/* --------> */
$('#display').text("Ticker number " + Num + " in

How to highlight a part part of an Input text field in HTML using Javascript or JQuery
by cbrunny in Javascript

I'm performing some form of validation on a freely typed input text field in HTML. Is there a way to highlight certain words or phrases (based on certain criteria) in a input text field using JQuery or JavaScript?

Part of Jquery “hide/show” working, other part isn't
by StereoPixel in Web Design

I am able to get only part of my jquery working. It's driving me crazy because the desgn_bx_hidden and des_txt are both hiding and showing but the inside content of desgn_bx_hidden isn't showing and I want to be able to style it with CSS. Actually it is showing in the browser but I can't get the css to effect it and in firebug it shows that the desgn

Rails, two part of string one is text and second is attached variable.error occur to display part one
by James Lupiani in Programming Languages

Lets consider the string "My name is #{@user.name}"
So i need to check and handle the error in this part "#{@user.name}".
Error may be because of "#{user.name}" (user object is undefined) or "#{other_object.name}"
or accessing the attribute that does not belong to the user table.

Do extension methods benefit in any practical way from being a part of a static class vs. [theoretically] a part of a namespace?
by DCal430 in Programming Languages

When it comes to extension methods class names seem to do nothing, but provide a grouping which is what name-spaces do. As soon as I include the namespace I get all the extension methods in the namespace. So my question comes down to this: Is there some value I can get from the extension methods being in the static class?

I realize it is a compiler requirement for them to be put int

How to Automatically Copy the Text From One Part of a Word Document to Another Part
by Uppsala9496 in Computers
Microsoft Word's copy-and-paste function is one of its most useful features. It allows the user to copy text from one part of the document and move it to another part, or to another document.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Place the cursor at the beginning of the text you want to copy.
Select the desired copy by dragging the cursor over it while holding the right mouse button or the trackpad but

What Is the Difference Between Being a Part-Time Employee or a Permanent Part -Timer?
by Edwin Goei in Business
Some companies hire part-time employees to perform specific job duties because the workload does not require full-time employment. Depending on the job requirements, a part-time employee could have a permanent or a temporary position within the company or hiring agency. Many permanent part-time employees retain the rights and benefits of full-time employees. SeasonalA part-time employee often e

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