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Asp.net MVC Multiple (of the same) Partial Views on a page with <script> tags inside Partial View
by Koen Willemse in Web Design

Looking for an elegant way of having scripts added once on a page and that's it.
I have a partial view that requires 2 CSS files and 2 JS files. In most places, there is only need for 1 of the partial views. On a single page though, I need 3 of these same partial views, and each partial view has the 4 files, so I have 6 JS links and 6 CSS links. Quite ugly.

I original idea was

Converting dataframe to partial “wide” and partial summary by group
by Paul in Programming Languages

I have the following data frame

id datestamp hrofday val1 val2 val3
a 20120401 0 3.2 0 1
a 20120401 1 3.3 4 0
a 20120401 2 3.4 6 0
a 20120401 23 7.3 0 2

It represents a user-id followed by hour of day, val1 val2 & val3.
I want to use cast to put the data frame in the following shape using either reshape or base R. For

Rails: updating partial dosen't execute inline javascript from the partial
by kranky in Javascript

I am updating DIV element on Onchange event of dropdown. And I am using partial to replace the content in the DIV. Here is my ajax call:

var cach_this = this;
url: url,
context: document.body,
complete: function(text,status){
cach_this.runtime_container[0].innerHTML = text.responseTe

Can I define properties in partial classes, then mark them with attributes in another partial class?
by evident in Programming Languages

Is there a way I can have a generated code file like so:

public partial class A {
public string a {get; set;}

and then in another file:

public partial class A {
public string a {get; set;}

So that I can have a class generated from the database and then use a non-generated file

Ajax Partial Update with Partial View not working in ASP.NET MVC2
by dlock13 in ASP & ASP.net

I've ran into some trouble trying to get partial updates to work in ASP.NET MVC2. (I think) I followed the tutorials I found online pretty closely, but the Ajax part isn't working. The controller does what it's supposed to do without errors, but the page doesn't update itself. When I refresh the page I can see the result of my action though.

Here is the code for the user control tha

Partial Class with CollectionDataContract Attribute not partial after reference update
by PokerGuy in Development Tools & Services

I've a Silverlight application with wcf service. I defined a partial class server side like this

[CollectionDataContract(Namespace = "http://test/datacontract")]
public partial class ItemTypeObjectList : List<ItemTypeObject>, IWcfObject

If I execute the "Update Service Reference" on the Service Reference (clientside), the "partial"

Can I pass a partial block into the partial I'm rendering in Rails 3?
by soonk in Programming Languages

I have a modal that I have extracted into a partial in my "shared" folder and will be rendering via a javascript call using a view.js.erb file. I want to render this modal partial, and be able to render another partial block inside of this modal partial, but this needs to be dynamic. I should be able to pass in the partial when I call render on the modal partial. I've tried passing in a local w

Rails partial locals not persisting when sent to another partial as its own local
by daveybrat in Programming Languages

I render a partial like so:

<%= render :partial => 'widgets/some_partial, :locals => {:foo => 'bar'} %>

So inside of _some_partial.html.erb I render two more partials like so:

<% #foo.nil? #=> false %>
<%= render :partial => 'widgets/another_partial', :locals => {:foo => foo} %>

Ruby on Rails - Passing variables to a partial within a partial
by vvv in Programming Languages

I am passing a collection (@feed_items) to a _feed_item partial via the :collection option. Inside the _feed_item partial I want to render another partial _like_button. In the _like_button partial I want to be able to access a specific member of the collection. What should I be passing from the _feed_item partial to the _like_button partial?

@feed_items = current_user.user_feed

Rails: after rendering partial with Ajax, manipulating that partial with JS
by Ichinisan in Web Design

On my app, users click a button that makes a text field appear via ajax.

I want to focus on that text field after it appears.

$("#my-textfield").focus() does not work when in my js.erb file, but works fine in the console. I also tried it with a setTimeout to no avail.

When I do document.getElementById('my-textfield').focus();

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