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Asp.net MVC Multiple (of the same) Partial Views on a page with <script> tags inside Partial View
Category : Web Design

Looking for an elegant way of having scripts added once on a page and that's it.
I have a partial view that requires 2 CSS files and 2 JS files. In most places, there is only need for 1 of the partial views. On a single page though, I need 3 of these same partial views, and each partial view has the 4 files, so I have 6 JS links and 6 CSS links. Quite ugly.

I original idea was

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Converting dataframe to partial “wide” and partial summary by group
Category : Programming Languages

I have the following data frame

id datestamp hrofday val1 val2 val3
a 20120401 0 3.2 0 1
a 20120401 1 3.3 4 0
a 20120401 2 3.4 6 0
a 20120401 23 7.3 0 2

It represents a user-id followed by hour of day, val1 val2 & val3.
I want to use cast to put the data frame in the following shape using either reshape or base R. For

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Rails: updating partial dosen't execute inline javascript from the partial
Category : Javascript

I am updating DIV element on Onchange event of dropdown. And I am using partial to replace the content in the DIV. Here is my ajax call:

var cach_this = this;
url: url,
context: document.body,
complete: function(text,status){
cach_this.runtime_container[0].innerHTML = text.responseTe

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Can I define properties in partial classes, then mark them with attributes in another partial class?
Category : Programming Languages

Is there a way I can have a generated code file like so:

public partial class A {
public string a {get; set;}

and then in another file:

public partial class A {
public string a {get; set;}

So that I can have a class generated from the database and then use a non-generated file

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Ajax Partial Update with Partial View not working in ASP.NET MVC2
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I've ran into some trouble trying to get partial updates to work in ASP.NET MVC2. (I think) I followed the tutorials I found online pretty closely, but the Ajax part isn't working. The controller does what it's supposed to do without errors, but the page doesn't update itself. When I refresh the page I can see the result of my action though.

Here is the code for the user control tha

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Partial Class with CollectionDataContract Attribute not partial after reference update
Category : Development Tools & Services

I've a Silverlight application with wcf service. I defined a partial class server side like this

[CollectionDataContract(Namespace = "http://test/datacontract")]
public partial class ItemTypeObjectList : List<ItemTypeObject>, IWcfObject

If I execute the "Update Service Reference" on the Service Reference (clientside), the "partial"

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Can I pass a partial block into the partial I'm rendering in Rails 3?
Category : Programming Languages

I have a modal that I have extracted into a partial in my "shared" folder and will be rendering via a javascript call using a view.js.erb file. I want to render this modal partial, and be able to render another partial block inside of this modal partial, but this needs to be dynamic. I should be able to pass in the partial when I call render on the modal partial. I've tried passing in a local w

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Rails partial locals not persisting when sent to another partial as its own local
Category : Programming Languages

I render a partial like so:

<%= render :partial => 'widgets/some_partial, :locals => {:foo => 'bar'} %>

So inside of _some_partial.html.erb I render two more partials like so:

<% #foo.nil? #=> false %>
<%= render :partial => 'widgets/another_partial', :locals => {:foo => foo} %>

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Ruby on Rails - Passing variables to a partial within a partial
Category : Programming Languages

I am passing a collection (@feed_items) to a _feed_item partial via the :collection option. Inside the _feed_item partial I want to render another partial _like_button. In the _like_button partial I want to be able to access a specific member of the collection. What should I be passing from the _feed_item partial to the _like_button partial?

@feed_items = current_user.user_feed

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partial page update without using partial views in ASP.NET MVC3
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I would like to know if it is possible to update a section of the view asynchronously without moving that section into a partial view, in ASP.NET MVC 3.0. In webforms model, I can have all the mark-up in just one page, but I can still update a section of the page by specifying the target div on the update panel without moving that section into separate user control. partial view is only useful

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