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Is it possible to refer to a parameter passed to a method within the passed block in ruby?
by legendma in Programming Languages

I hope I am not repeating anyone here, but I have been searching google and here and not coming up with anything. This question is really more a matter of "sexifying" my code.

What I am specifically trying to do is this:

Dir.new('some_directory').each do |file|
# is there a way to refer to the string 'some_directory' via a method or variable?

JAX-RS: is @DefaultValue passed even if some incorrect data type is passed?
by Andrew S. in Programming Languages

My endpoint looks like

public Response getVariables(@QueryParam("_activeonly") @DefaultValue("no") @Nonnull final Active active) {
switch (active) {
case yes:
return Response.ok(VariablePresentation.getPresentationVariables(variableManager.getActiveVariables())).build(

Scala - match a passed parameter against a passed type parameter in a recursive function
by novatv.stdios in Programming Languages

I have a node class, which can point to another node (via next). That node can be subclassed in different hierarchies. Then, I can have a chain of these various nodes, in an image of a single-linked list. And then, starting from an arbitrary node in that list, I want to search for the first one of a specific type. Therefore, I create a type-parametrized function check

model passed from spring controller to jsp, some attributes added and passed to another controller, Does Not Work
by Jonathan in Programming Languages

the process is: a list of received messages shown in a table with a reply link in front of each one. pressing reply goes to this controller:

public String createMessage(@RequestParam("receiver") String receiver, HttpSession session, Model model){
Message message = new Message();
//sender, Date, and receive

How do I read args passed to the constructor and args passed by `use Module` in Perl?
by kivava in Programming Languages

Currently I am making a new module and I was wondering how could I implement in my module 2 things.

We often see the use like:

use My::Module qw(something);

for example:

use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser);

So the first question is, how do i
retrieve this, i mean wether the
user has specifie

in java how to make sure the passed object is modified by only object to which it is passed?
by Gianluca Riccardi in Java

Suppose that I have a class which takes an array of Key object to construct an object of class keyHandler, like this:

class KeyHandler {
Key[] keys;
public KeyHandler(Key[] keys) {
//more methods which modify key;

now I call this constructor from main

KeyHandler keyhandle

What to Do When Getting Passed Over For a Job
by Ben Humphrys in Careers & Job Searching
Whether it's a promotion that you're looking for or basic employment in general, getting passed over for a job is frustrating. This is especially true if it happens multiple times. You've given it your all, but it seems as if that's not enough, like there's a political dynamic that you're not playing right. The important thing is to keep your head up and stick to a plan that will not only help you

How to Know If You Have Passed the GED
by cbrunny in Education
Passing the General Educational Development Test (GED) enables people who did not finish high school to qualify for more jobs and opportunities. Passing the GED earns you a high school equivalency diploma. After taking the GED, test results should be available and sent to you within 2 weeks. Learning to correctly interpret your GED scores will assist you in understanding whether you have earned
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PHP: Get class name of passed var?
by visual-c++ in Development Tools & Services

I have a function that gets a class passed to it as a parameter. I would like to get the class name of the passed class as a string.

I tried putting this method in the passed class:

function getClassName()
return __CLASS__;

but if the class is extended I assumed this would return the name of the subclass but it s

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How to tell what is passed when no value exists
by Anubis in Programming Languages

For this code, how do you know that null is returned if there is no value in the querystring?

HttpContext context = HttpContext.Current;
string strValue = context.Request[name];

I'm asking because I never know what's being returned in many cases in the .NET framework when you don't get the value expected when it does not exist.

so if co

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