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Is it possible to refer to a parameter passed to a method within the passed block in ruby?
Category : Programming Languages

I hope I am not repeating anyone here, but I have been searching google and here and not coming up with anything. This question is really more a matter of "sexifying" my code.

What I am specifically trying to do is this:

Dir.new('some_directory').each do |file|
# is there a way to refer to the string 'some_directory' via a method or variable?

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JAX-RS: is @DefaultValue passed even if some incorrect data type is passed?
Category : Programming Languages

My endpoint looks like

public Response getVariables(@QueryParam("_activeonly") @DefaultValue("no") @Nonnull final Active active) {
switch (active) {
case yes:
return Response.ok(VariablePresentation.getPresentationVariables(variableManager.getActiveVariables())).build(

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model passed from spring controller to jsp, some attributes added and passed to another controller, Does Not Work
Category : Programming Languages

the process is: a list of received messages shown in a table with a reply link in front of each one. pressing reply goes to this controller:

public String createMessage(@RequestParam("receiver") String receiver, HttpSession session, Model model){
Message message = new Message();
//sender, Date, and receive

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Scala - match a passed parameter against a passed type parameter in a recursive function
Category : Programming Languages

I have a node class, which can point to another node (via next). That node can be subclassed in different hierarchies. Then, I can have a chain of these various nodes, in an image of a single-linked list. And then, starting from an arbitrary node in that list, I want to search for the first one of a specific type. Therefore, I create a type-parametrized function check

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How do I read args passed to the constructor and args passed by `use Module` in Perl?
Category : Programming Languages

Currently I am making a new module and I was wondering how could I implement in my module 2 things.

We often see the use like:

use My::Module qw(something);

for example:

use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser);

So the first question is, how do i
retrieve this, i mean wether the
user has specifie

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in java how to make sure the passed object is modified by only object to which it is passed?
Category : Java

Suppose that I have a class which takes an array of Key object to construct an object of class keyHandler, like this:

class KeyHandler {
Key[] keys;
public KeyHandler(Key[] keys) {
//more methods which modify key;

now I call this constructor from main

KeyHandler keyhandle

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How to Know If You Have Passed the GED
Category : Education
Passing the General Educational Development Test (GED) enables people who did not finish high school to qualify for more jobs and opportunities. Passing the GED earns you a high school equivalency diploma. After taking the GED, test results should be available and sent to you within 2 weeks. Learning to correctly interpret your GED scores will assist you in understanding whether you have earned

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What to Do When Getting Passed Over For a Job
Category : Careers & Job Searching
Whether it's a promotion that you're looking for or basic employment in general, getting passed over for a job is frustrating. This is especially true if it happens multiple times. You've given it your all, but it seems as if that's not enough, like there's a political dynamic that you're not playing right. The important thing is to keep your head up and stick to a plan that will not only help you

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Are ILists passed by value?
Category : Programming Languages

Passing Value Type parameters to functions in c# is by value unless you use the ref or out keyword on the parameter. But does this also apply to Reference Types?

Specifically I have a function that takes an IList<Foo>. Will the list passed to my function be a copy of the list with copy of its contained objects? Or will modifications to the list also apply for the

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Argument 1 passed to?
Category : Programming Languages

I tries to submit form in symfony2.1 but i got following error, i create form student registration and try to submit it, i reviewed may forums for this but can't got any proper solution.

Error:Catchable Fatal Error: Argument 1 passed to
must be an instance of FrontendEntityBundleEntityMasterCountry, string gi

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