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Emails marked as spam - SPF passes, DKIM passes, sender-id passes
Category : Development Tools & Services

I've been struggling to figure out why this is happening, but my emails are being marked as spam by Gmail and Hotmail (they work in Yahoo.)

SPF, DKIM, rDNS, and sender-id all pass. What's weirder is I've send the EXACT same email with its exact contents from my dev server and Gmail accepts it as not spam even though every one of those checks which passes in production fails in dev.

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About Illinois I-Passes
Category : Travel
The I-PASS is an electronic device that you can use while driving through the state of Illinois to avoid paying tolls at the toll booth. Instead the toll is automatically deducted from an account that you create when you obtain an I-PASS transponder. The I-PASS transponder is sold at toll facilities as well as Road Ranger locations and Jewel-Osco stores, though there is a processing fee charged if

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About Eurail Passes
Category : Travel
Eurail passes are a convenient way to travel throughout over 20 countries in Europe on the extensive railway networks that prevail in the region. Purchasing Eurail passes and using trains for transportation allows for great mobility and flexibility in traveling, and there are several different types of Eurail passes available for all types of travelers. Eurail passes can be purchased for a reasona

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About Nexus Passes
Category : Travel
Crossing borders should be taken seriously, as criminals can easily slip into foreign countries. However, for Canadian and American commuters and tourists who make frequent trips between these countries, it may be practical to take advantage of a Nexus pass. This pre-approved pass permits frequent travelers crossing the border to pass in less time. But before investing time and money in one, be su

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Can a CTE be used to update in passes?
Category : Databases

I inherited a table with the following structure:

rowID rn userID Data1 Data2 Data3
----- -- ------ ----- ---- ----
1 1 1 A null 123
2 2 1 B 111 null
3 1 2 C 222 333
4 2 2 D null null
5 3 2 E 111 null
6 1 3 F

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How many passes do C preprocessor?
Category : Programming Languages

How many passes do C preprocessor?

I tested following code on gcc 4.7.2

#define a 5
#define b a
#define c b
#define d c
#define e d
#define f e
#define g f
#define h g
#define j h
#define k j
#define l k
#define m l
int main(void) {return d;}

There is no error:

$ gcc -E 1.c

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How many passes over the code does gcc use?
Category : Programming Languages

Specifically for C and C++, how many passes are used by default?
Does this number change depending on the level of optimization used? (it should)
Can it be changed directly?

I was searching for this information in http://gcc.gnu.org/, but googling using site:http://gcc.gnu.org/ did not yield anything.

Any pointers to any documentation about this wi

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2D Passes.apply() XNA 4.0
Category : Programming Languages

I am currently learning the language "HLSL" for effect files to my XNA game. However; I have ran into the issue of applying the effects to my SpriteBatch.
My effect file looks like this, and makes the rendered texture, white. :]

float4 PSFunction(float2 coord : TEXCOORD0) : COLOR0
return float4(0, 0, 0, 1); // Return a white pixel
technique Samp

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How to Do Rugby Pop Passes
Category : Sports & Fitness
Rugby is a rugged sport. Players are tackled, dragged to the ground and subjected to high impact blows. Sometimes a long pass is necessary, but a short pop pass can be ideal for avoiding the tackle and getting the ball to a team mate who can advance the ball and score. Learn how to do rugby pop passes to improve your rugby game.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Take the ball and advance it as far as

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Tax Filing When Someone Passes Away
Category : Personal Finance
The old expression, "Only two things are certain in life: death and taxes," holds true even to this day. When a loved one passes away, taxes are still required from the deceased. The IRS, or Internal Revenue Service, may require additional forms to be filed on behalf of the deceased. IRS Form 1040 - Income Tax ReturnThe first form the IRS requires is IRS Form 1040. This is a common ta

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