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Passing jdbc datasource v/s passing the Connection object - From servlet to java class
Category : Java

I have a main Servlet that processes post/get requests.
I am using connection pooling (jdbc / mysql with glassfish v3) and my servlet code is:

public class Controller extends HttpServlet {
private DataSource datasource;
public void init() throws ServletException {
try {
//Database Connection pooling:<

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Passing data between two view controllers - Clicking a button and passing an image
Category : Web Design

I have an application with a few view controllers ( using storyboards).
I'm trying to pass the background image of the button at view controller number 1 to an image view on view controller number 2.

I'm using the push sague to transfer to the second view.

I'v read many articles of how to pass the data using the appdelagate or
the prepareforsauge but no one is

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Passing a Character (vs passing String) to backing bean method in EL
Category : Programming Languages

I would like to call a setter directly from a command button and pass a value. My problem is that the setter is expecting a Character and jsf if passing it back as a String. Is there a good way to 'fix' this on the front end instead of having to over load the setter on my backing bean?


<p:commandButton value="SignOff"

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Passing a custom ViewModel object to an ActionMethod vs passing as FormCollection
Category : Programming Languages

Obviously real life applications are a lot more complex but for this example sake lets say I have the following simple view and I need to save the User:

@model UserViewModel

When s

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RTOS - passing allocating a struct and passing it through a queue
Category : Web Design

I've been having some issues with a couple of tasks I'm running. I have three tasks, where one is an LCD update task, and the other two are motor driver tasks. I also have two ISR's that post messages to both the motor driver tasks. As far as passing pointers safely, I was thinking about creating a struct:

typedef struct message{
enum BUTTON_1 = 0, BUTTON_2 = 1, NO_BUTTO

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Passing objects vs. Passing references/pointers?
Category : Programming Languages

So, as we're all hopefully aware, in Object-oriented programming when the occasion comes when you need somehow access an instance of a class in another class's method, you turn to passing that instance through arguments.

I'm curious, what's the difference in terms of good practice / less prone to breaking things when it comes to either passing an Object, or a Pointer to that object?

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C# - Passing 3 parameters vs passing object with 30 properties -
Category : Network & Servers

I was wondering, which way is better in terms of performance and memory usage?

Passing only the needed parameters for a specific function or its the same to pass an object with 30 properties but the function will use 3 of them?

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parameter-passing: passing the string value into functions
Category : Programming Languages

I want to pass the string value which I get from the textarea into the focus() and blur(),
but why what I will get is [object object]?

I get the string value of each textarea successfully with each() and I store the string in a var - var value_default = $this.val();

Then I pass this var into $this.focus(function (value_default) {..})<

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404 error passing a “Alert” sentence from python to html page, but no error for passing just a word
Category : Programming Languages

Update: The error message I get with the sentence is 404 Resource not found.

"GET /unexpected/The%20Notebook%20name%20is%20taken%20already HTTP/1.1" 404 -

The URL looks like this when that error occurs.


I am attempting very poorly to create a sor

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Passing a array or passing a pointer
Category : Programming Languages
gcc 4.7.2


The function GetCallRef(...) expect a pointer to a buffer for this 3rd parameter i.e. call_id is my pointer. However, I don't know the length of the string that will be returned in the call_id. This call_id will only be used in this function, so will only have local scope so I will be only using the call_id returned in my function.

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