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Check Password change to ensure that new password doesn't equal last password used
Category : Programming Languages

I was just wondering how I could check (when a user is changing password after the password expires) how I could use (in WebMatrix) an if branch to ensure that the new password does not equal the previous password.

I don't think I want to check for any more password history beyond just the last password used, so as long as I can just check the previous password, I think that will be

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Change keystore password from no password to a non blank password
Category : Programming Languages

I have a jks keystore with no password. When I run the command

keytool -list -keystore mykeystore.jks

And it prompts me for the keystore password, I simply hit 'enter'.

Please note that the keystore password IS NOT the default java password of 'changeit'. It is blank

When I try to run

keytool -storepasswd -keystore myke

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Password protect individual media files based on page password in wordpress
Category : Programming Languages

I would like to be able to password protect files that are uploaded and displayed per specific page based on the same password created for that page.

Any ideas or plugins?


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Opening a Non-Password-Protected Access 2000 Database that Asks for a Username and Password
Category : Databases

I'm trying to open a Microsoft Access 2000 .MDB file to migrate it, as it is currently being used by somebody's ten-year-old VB app that's fallen by the way side on an NT server and whose author is long gone. Back in September I copied the MDB file over to a nearby XP machine (because that has Access installed), and when it asked for a name and password, was able to open it then using those of

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LDAP password information update failed: Referral Not able to change password from replica
Category : Web Design

I have configured Master/Slave using slapd.conf and slurpd.

The Problem is I am not able to change client password from slave server if Master Server is stopped.

Master Server -

[root@lr5dir01 ~]# service ldap stop
Stopping slapd: [ OK ]
Stopping slurpd: [ O

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Length of the password field in html should not display the actual no. of characters in the password. How to achieve this?
Category : Web Design

I have a password field in a HTML page. Lets say my password is abcdefgh, and when i enter it in the password field, it shows as

Now, I want an added security like, it should not display the actual no. of characters in the password field. For example, lets say my password is abc, then the password box should not show 3 dots. Basically, what i mean is, the length of the

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How do we programmatically enter encrypted password into a table using WebLogic SQL Authenticator's password algorithm
Category : Development Tools & Services

I created a security realm provider using SQL Authenticator from Weblogic admin console (11g). It's using SHA-1 password alorithm with "saltedhashed" style.

Then I created a user using this provider from the admin console and it saved the passed encrypted in the table as it should.

Now I want to add 100 more users with random password, but I don't want to do this one by

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Ruby on Rail's Authlogic gem - password confirmation only for password reset and the edit page
Category : Programming Languages

I followed the Authlogic example tutorial at github and have everything set up and running. But I would like to make a change concerning password confirmation.

Following the tutorial, you must enter a password confirmation when registering. I don't want that to be necessary, so I put c.require_password_confirmation = false in the acts_as_authentic block. Bu

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Apache authentification - letting users from X IP address in WITHOUT required password, others must type password
Category : Development Tools & Services

now my apache configuration looks like this:

<Directory /usr/share/myweb/>
AuthType Basic
AuthName "myweb"
AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/.passwords
Require user mw

It allows everyone to web, but require password.

I would like to let some users (from local IP) to be allowed to see the website wi

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ASP.NET Membership Provider - Reset Password Features - Email Confirmation and Password Change
Category : Programming Languages

Does anyone has a solution (sample code) for the following features:

Create a randomGuid/Cryptographically
strong random number
Send a unique URL containing the
random number to the user's email
When confirmed, the user is asked
to change password

My provider is currently parametrized this way:


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