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Perfect circle to perfect circle and Perfect circle to straight line collision HANDLING in Java
by Mykola Novik in Java

I am a newbie at Java, but decided to make a application that has a bunch of balls bouncing around. Please keep in mind that I know almost nothing about normals, which I have seen mentioned a lot in this kind of thread. I have also only take Algebra 1, and know a little bit of trig (sin, cosin and tangent). Anyways...

I have collision detection covered, using

if (jav

How to Create the Perfect Resume With the Not-So-Perfect Job History
by Techhog in Careers & Job Searching
Seeking employment is a challenging prospect for anyone. The challenge becomes greater when you have a less-than-perfect job history. Whether you have been terminated from a job, taken time off from the workforce to raise a family or simply have limited employment experience, an effective resume can help you find a good job. Employers tend to focus more on your skill sets than your chronological w

near perfect or perfect hash of memory addresses in c
by Jeffrey Shackelford in Programming Languages

I have a list of memory addresses from 0xc0003000 to 0xc04a0144 there are many gaps and < 4096 entries in the list. It is known at compile time and I want to make a perfect hash for it.

However looking up perfect hashing online gives me information mostly related to hashing strings and they don't seem to translate well.

To be clear I want to be able to obtain the m

Perfect square and perfect cube
by ChaseVoid in Programming Languages

Is there any predefined function in c++ to check whether the number is square of any number and same for the cube..

Perfect Gift for a Perfect Girl
by Paul J Warner in Holidays & Celebrations
The online reference site Dictionary.com defines "perfect" as "conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type." Since the definition of an "ideal type" is different for everyone, and since the definition of a "perfect gift" will be different for every girl who receives one, there is no universally perfect gift. However, if you pay attention to the likes, interests and pass

How to Teach and Use The Past Perfect and Past Perfect Progressive Tenses
by LittleCodeShop in Careers & Job Searching
In a previous "how to", I wrote how to teach the present perfect and present perfect progressive tenses (http://www.ehow.com/how_6045030_teach-present-perfect-progressive-tense.html). This article explains how to teach the past perfect and past perfect progressive tenses. Of the three perfect tenses, I believe these are the easiest of the perfect tenses to teach.Difficulty:EasyInstructio

What Does it Mean to Be Perfect?
by bash in Health
If you were to look up "perfect" in Webster's Dictionary, you would find multiple definitions for a word people use flippantly every day. They are definitions that can be applied to almost anything: someone's actions, a college essay, exquisite diamonds and marriages, just to name a few. But this one word can so easily be misconstrued or taken out of context; it is a word which, when taken to the

How to Get The Perfect Tan Without The Sun
by godihatework in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Well summer is near now that spring has pretty much sprung and now you find that it is tanning season as well. But wait, what about the sun that tends to cause your skin to age faster and not to mention the dreaded chance of developing skin cancer down the road due to all that time you spent trying to get a tan. Now I have written this guide on how you can get the perfect flawless glowing bronzed
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How to Get the Perfect Red Lip
by Thomas Plunkett in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Red lips are as much of a classic as the little black dress. Getting the perfect red lips consists of a lot more than just slicking on red lipstick and smacking your lips together, there is an exact formula. To get the perfect red lips you will have to be very precise in every step you take and every movement you make. Read on to find out exactly how to achieve the look of the perfect red lip.Diff
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How to Get the Perfect Tan
by Spasas in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Since we know more about the dangers of worshiping the sun, such as the risks of developing skin cancer and wrinkles, getting the perfect tan now includes getting the safest tan. By taking the proper precautions, you can achieve a perfect, consistent tan more efficiently and with less overall exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
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