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Books for Building Scalable Web Applications? (DB Performance/Tuning, Networking, General Performance, etc.)
Category : Databases

After finishing school in Computer Science and entering the "real world" as a software engineer working on web applications, I've become overwhelmed by the amount of information to be learned about scaling web applications properly. Some topics/questions that have recently popped up for me:

RDBMS's vs. unstructured data storage.
Advantages and disadvantages of sharding for databas

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How to Identify Sales Performance Measurement Tools That Enable You to Gauge Future Performance
Category : Business
Many companies and organizations do not track sales performance and even fewer use this information to predict future sales results. There are many causes for this, but one of the major obstacles is not using valid performance measurement tools. Some organizations measure success by tracking results against sales projections, but this tool is not always useful. Discovering how to select the best t

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AdWords API v201109 Ad Hoc Keyword Performance Report Display Network Performance
Category : Network & Servers

When running a Keyword report in AdWords API v13, the data for both the Search and
Display Network will be returned in the same report.

I have tried running the v201109 Ad Hoc Keyword Performance Report and
it never returns the Display Network data. I have added a predicate
(where AdNetworkType1 is CONTENT or SEARCH), but this does not help.
If I run the (in

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Inaccurate performance counter timer values in Windows Performance Monitor
Category : Programming Languages

I am implementing instrumentation within an application and have encountered an issue where the value that is displayed in Windows Performance Monitor from a PerformanceCounter is incongruent with the value that is recorded.

I am using a Stopwatch to record the duration of a method execution, then first i record the total milliseconds as a double, and secondly i pass the Stopwatch's

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Input needed for balancing SQL Server write performance against read performance
Category : Databases

I've got a service running that transforms data and writes the transformed (a couple of million rows) data to a SQL Server. The frontend reads from these tables.

Naturally, we've got an ambition to have this data written as fast as possible, but without sacrificing read performance.

My current approach is writing individual rows, one server call at a time. This seems to

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MySQL Performance - “Redundancy” vs Speed/System Performance
Category : Programming Languages

So... assuming i have a database with three tables:
Table clients
Table data
and Table clients_to_data

And I have a API which allows Clients to Access data from Table data. Every client has a record in Table clients (with things like IP adress etc.) To log who accesses what, i'm logging in the table clients_to_data (which contains the ID for table clients, table

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How does Android emulator performance compare to real device performance?
Category : Android

I'm looking into writing an Android game, tough I don't curerntly own an Android device. For those of you who own a device, how does the performance on the emulator relate to real device performance? I'm especially interested in graphics related tasks.

This obviously depends on both the machine running the emulator, and the specific device in question, but I'm talking rough numbers

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Is the Performance Appraisal the End Product of a Well-Designed Performance Management System?
Category : Business
Performance appraisal, an integral part of a performance management system, enables a company to address internal inefficiencies, cope with employee productivity -- or lack thereof -- and reverse the erosion of its competitive clout. The practice also enables human resources personnel and department chiefs to design a well-balanced performance evaluation scheme that is fair and effective. Perfo

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Measuring the performance of a machine to compare code performance
Category : Programming Languages

I am operating on the .NET Framework 4.5 using C#

I wish to measure code performance but have the additional complication that I would like to have a comparison between machines (different hardware).

One of the core goals is to come up with benchmarks that compare algorithms (algo X vs algo Y using dataset Z) which is fine if I consistently use the same exact hardware bu

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Compare & Contrast: Performance Appraisals & Performance Management
Category : Business
Employee satisfaction and output have a strong impact on the company's bottom line. Yet, with something so important, many organizations take a nonchalant approach to regularly monitoring these critical points, with other companies maintaining and monitoring critical machinery more often. Performance appraisals are a good way to gain an overview of employee performance, but performance management

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