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Changed password in phpMyAdmin on a Mac using XAMPP, now unable to access localhost/phpmyadmin
by ti22 in PHP

I've read all the posts I could find about this, and none helped. I've deleted the XAMPP folder from my computer and reinstalled it from the DMG file, which of course fixed the problem, but I'd like to know how to fix it in the future.

How it all started: I was logged in to phpMyAdmin on my Macbook (which runs Mac OS X v10.7.4). I saw the message advising me to change the password

phpMyAdmin infinite loop when attempting to use phpMyAdmin from VistaPanel on ByetHost
by tontod in PHP

I am using a free host called ByetHost as I don't need an expensive hosting solution for the website I am building as the traffic will be low.

I am experiencing an infinite redirect loop when attempting to sign in to phpMyAdmin in my VistaPanel account. I am using a CMS and need to backup my database.

When I attempt to enter phpMyAdmin, using the URL http://www.php-myadm

phpmyadmin with java. Is there a way to get the strings from phpmyadmin and compare it with the input from the keyboard?
by doctorbigtime in Java

What I want to do is compare each word in the phpmyadmin database (columns and rows) with the user input from the keyboard. I know I can do this with a CSV file with equalsIgnoreCase. But I can't seem to find any tutorials that is similar to what I am trying to do. If anybody know of how to do this with code example or video please send it.

phpMyAdmin display incorrectly - After MAMP Pro phpMyAdmin upgrade
by Jaleel in PHP

I upgraded phpMyAdmin within my MAMP/MAMP Pro installation, by replacing the phpMyAdmin folder. While the new 3.5.5 phpMyAdmin works it is presenting a display issue when selecting a db table and then click "Browse." Such as if I select the wp_options table to update the siteurl on my local dev site after importing the live site's database.

The phpMyAdmin "Browse" view is not proper

phpMyAdmin is throwing a #2002 cannot log in to the mysql server phpmyadmin
by Iceland in PHP

I have installed MySQL server enterprise 5.1 on my local machine and now I want to install phpMyAdmin.. but it does not work.

I have unrared phpMyAdmin to my server root directory and browsed to "localhost/phpMyAdmin/setup/index.php", started a new server and the only setting I changed was filling in my MySQL password in the field "Password for config auth"

So now when I

phpmyadmin for RDS
by gondalez in Development Tools & Services

I decided to put an AWS related Q here after having asked on aws dev forum and did not find a solution.

I have also followed the steps given on a repeat question here

Can someone please tell me where I am making the wrong move.

My EC2 instance is in us-west-1c (linux) and has phpmyadmin installed in it.
My RDS is also in us-west-1c
My security grp c

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PHP vs Phpmyadmin
by Meski in PHP

I've got this code which i execute on phpmyadmin which works 100%

Create Temporary Table Searches ( id int, dt datetime);
Create Temporary Table Searches1 ( id int, dt datetime, count int);
insert into Searches(id, dt) select a.id, now() from tblSavedSearches a;
insert into Searches1(id, dt, count)
(select c.dt f
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How to secure phpMyAdmin
by gqlewis in PHP

I have noticed that there are strange requests to my website trying to find phpmyadmin, like



Now I have installed PMA on Ubuntu via apt and would like to access it via webaddress different from /phpmyadmin/. What can I do to change it?



For Ubuntu 9.10 and Apache2, the c

my.cnf mysql phpmyadmin
by Delaware in PHP

Problems:- Whenever I try to select all tables in a database the connection is just lost and unknown error is given by the server to the browser and the browser just reloads with its own error page stating that the server gave unknown error. (This is in phpmyadmin)

I tried to solve this by adding max_allowed_packet to my.cnf first time and restarting mysql , and then adding it by my

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MS SQL Studio .bak to PHPmyAdmin
by Olympian Last in PHP

I have a client that needs me to transfer their website from a MS server to my linux server. Their website was built with PHP, but the database is in MS SQL Studio. I need to get the database into a formate that will import into PHPMyAdmin. I've got the .bak file. But I don't know how to convert it into something I can use.

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