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How to Pick up Chicks using the World's Worst Pick Up Lines! (Part 2)
by bauer100 in Relationships & Family
Wow! I can't believe how many people have viewed the first installment of this article. Apparently there's a lot of lonely, single men surfing the web. Who knew? Anyway, here's another batch of the world's worst pickup lines- guaranteed to make a girl either laugh or slap you.
Remember, all you really need is confidence and a way to get a girl speaking to you. What you do from there is

How to Pick Winners in ESPN College Football Pick 'em
by tiagoggama in Sports & Fitness
ESPN College Football Pick'em is a popular online game played throughout the college football season on the ESPN website. About 300,000 entries are submitted every season. There is only one prize for the top scorer at the end of the season. This is usually a television. The incentive for nearly all the players is fun and bragging rights over their friends when they score higher. Picking winners in

How to Pick a Lock With a Dyno Kwick Pick
by DJ-phYre in Home & Garden
At one time or another almost everyone has experienced the empty feeling that accompanies losing a key and not being able to open a lock. In the past, a locksmith would have to be called to either pick, replace, or re-key the lock, costing time, money and frustration. Then, along came the Dyno Kwik Pick. The Dyno Kwik Pick can pick and open a lock in seconds.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Expose t

How to Make the Game "Pick a Color, Pick a Number"
by Jason Dockery in Hobbies, Games & Toys
In the fortuneteller game, players pick a number and pick a color and the fortuneteller reveals their fortune. Often seen at playgrounds and slumber parties, the game allows children to pass the time and have fun with the fortunes they write. For young children, the fortuneteller game helps with spelling and counting. Make the fortuneteller out of a piece of paper and write your choice of colors,

What Is the Difference Between a Plastic Guitar Pick & a Metal Guitar Pick?
by wolf1306 in Arts & Entertainment
While plastic guitar picks are the most common type and are found in music stores both in town and online, you can also use metal picks. It all comes down to sound preference, and there are distinct differences with each type. In order to know which you prefer, it is wise to research and then try each type to make an informed choice. WeightMetal guitar picks weigh more than plastic guitar picks

How to Tow a Car With a Pick-Up
by fayoh in Cars
When a vehicle needs towing, there are a number of choices you can make. Do you let a towing company do it for you or do you tow it yourself? If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you may choose to tow it behind a pickup truck. If so, there are more choices to be made.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Vehicle to be towed
Tow dolly
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How to Pick a BB Gun
by Kubla Khan in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A BB gun is usually a child's first experience with any type of firearm. This gun uses air, pumped into the chamber to release a small round BB when the trigger is pulled. BB guns are great for target practice and are a good introduction to firearms.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Choose a reliable brand like Daisy. Daisy has been in the air gun business for over 100 years and promotes proper gun u
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How to Pick the Right TV for You
by Toetee in Electronics
Buying a new TV can be an exciting experience for you and your family. Perhaps you are finally upgrading to a high-definition model, or maybe you're considering 3-D technology. Whatever TV you ultimately buy, it's important to avoid making a spur-of-the-moment purchase that you'll be using for a number of years. Consider a wide range of factors to ensure that your new TV is the right one for you.D
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How to Pick the Right Sod
by Pat in Home & Garden
A number of factors come into play when it's time for you to choose the sod grasses that are best for your lawn. On top of the sod selection of locally grown grasses, your nursery or turf grass supplier should help you pick a sod type that's compatible with the soil in your yard. Take your time to study the traits and characteristics of the various sod types to find the sod grasses best suited to
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How to Pick a Dog
by Steve in Pets
If you are thinking of getting a dog, the process for selecting one is more involved than simply finding the cutest one and taking it home. For a successful pairing between yourself and the animal, you must consider its personality, breed and the amount activity and exercise it must have to stay happy and healthy. Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility as it will become a new member of yo
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